Electric Actuators

Electric Actuators are similar to Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators, however are more cost-effective then these counterparts. An Electric Linear Actuator is perfect for the use in industries such as agricultural, mining, construction and industrial equipment to control throttles, doors, hoods, seats and many more devices. Linear Actuators are ideal for not only the use in these industries but they are applicable for the use in medical, health and fitness, office, marine equipment and entertainment. As Electric Linear Actuators are compatible with these broad applications it makes integration easier with programmable controls and maintenance is minimised with no parts replace or lubrication needed in urgent circumstances. There are many different types of Electric Actuators including AC Actuators, Non-Driven Actuators, Lifting Columns, Rodless Linear Actuators and Precision Linear Actuators.

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  1. Electric Linear Actuators
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    Electric Linear Actuators are similar to their counterparts Hydraulic and Pneumatic actuators, however are a more robust and versatile device, with the benefits of being able to adapt to different applications, reducing your assembly costs, increasing machine productivity and much more.

  2. Electric Rotary Actuators
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    Electric rotary actuators drive components rotationally via electromagnetic power from a motor, these can be electrically powered or powered by hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. There are a variety of applications for electric rotary actuators. Some devices are designed for semiconductor manufacturing operations. Others are suitable for laboratory or medical use.

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