AC Motors

AC motors are an electric motor that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. They consist of two basic parts: an outside stationary stator with coils supplied with an alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic shield and an inside rotor attached to an output shaft to produce a second rotating magnetic field. There are a wide variety of AC motors with variations of the basic design. They can be divided into induction motors (which operate at a lower speed than the rotating magnetic field) and synchronous motors (which operate at the same speed as the magnetic field). Induction motors include the so-called squirrel-cage rotor as well as other types: the polyphase wound motor, the shaded-pole motor, the split-phase induction motor and the permanent-split capacitor motor. Synchronous motors are the single-phase synchronous motor and the hysteresis synchronous motor. AC motors vary in size and in their applications. For domestic use, AC motors are found in some washing machines, air conditioning compressor fans, fridge compressors and water pumps. For industry, AC motors are used to operate machinery such as fixed cranes, conveyor belts and electric saws. They are also a component of the engine of electric trains.

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