DC Servo Motors

DC Servo motors are an assembly of a DC motor, a gearing set, a control circuit and a position sensor. They are electromechanical actuators used for producing continuous movement with controllable speed of rotation. This self-contained electrical device rotates and pushed parts of the machine with precision. It receives input via its sensor and employs this feedback for both velocity and position control creating a closed loop. Unlike standard DC motors, it has three wires ( power, ground and control) which makes it more precise. There are a range of DC Servo motors: series, split series, shunt control and permanent-magnet shunt control. Such motors also vary in the extent of their rotation. Positional rotation allows it to rotate as far as a semi-circle while continuous rotation means it can make full turns. Finally in a linear motor, the movement is back and forth rather than circular. DC Servo motors have a number of applications. They can be used in robotic devices, both as toys and as industrial machinery. Model aircraft and radio-controlled cars also contain a miniature version of this motor. The closing mechanism on DVD or Blu-Ray devices is powered by a DC Servo motor.

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