Electrical Switches

Electrical switches are any device which interrupts the flow of electrons in a circuit. They are binary devices and can be either totally open (on) or totally closed (off). The simplest electrical switch is two electrical conductors being brought in contact by the motion of an actuating mechanism. Hand switches are opened manually, limit switches are activated by a moving object and process switches react to changes in a physical process such as heat. A relay is operated by electricity. There are a large variety of electrical switches. Toggle switches are both the simplest and the most common: the lever is angled in one, two or more positions. Push buttons are a two-position device with an internal spring mechanism to press the switch in or release it. A selector switch has a rotary knob or lever and can be held in one, two or more positions while a joystick switch uses a lever to move it in more than one axis of motion. Switches are used to operate most electrical appliances, machines and devices. The choice depends on its function. A joystick is necessary for operating a crane while toggle switches are more suitable for operating lighting.

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  1. Cable Pull Switches
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    Cable pull switches are an emergency stop system which is activated by the device when it senses the rope is no longer taut. Once the machine has been stopped, it has to be reset. These switches have an industrial application and so are seen in many factories, especially those which operate a conveyor belt system.

  2. CAM Switches
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    CAM switches are devices which can control, automate, monitor and count work done by machines and possess the ability to do a number of tasks simultaneously. This means that they have many applications in the industrial industry where they are used to manufacture different materials.

  3. Door Switches
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    Door switches operate the opening of the door through a button, which is activated manually or automatically with the use of sensors. They can also be part of a security system. Such switches are usually installed with sliding doors and mean the doors can be opened easily even when someone is carrying or pushing pieces of equipment.

  4. Foot Switches
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    Foot switches are installed in machinery as a way to control the stop/start or production process. They are necessary as a way to keep hands free to do something else. They are mainly used in the industrial sector but have some commercial and medical applications too.

  5. Key Switches
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    Key switches are switches activated through a key which keeps them secure and tamper resistant. They are used in secure applications, like burglar alarms, security alarms, and lighting control networks in public buildings like libraries and town halls.

  6. Pressure Switches
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    Pressure switches react to a rise or fall in pressure and then disconnect the electric circuit acting as a relay. Pneumatic pressure switches tend to be used in industry for machinery, pumps and compressors while hydraulic pressure switches are used in vehicles.

  7. Rocker Switches
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    Rocker switches use a rocking motion to disconnect an electrical circuit and can have symbols and lights to facilitate their operation. They have a wide range of applications but are most commonly found in lighting circuits. Other uses are to activate the electric power supply and some devices like display monitors.

  8. Rotary Switches
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    Rotary switches use an internal arm to control the connection of different electrical circuits. They can activate both simple on/off commands as well as more complex instructions. These switches, which are manually operated by turning a knob, have a number of industrial, scientific and domestic applications.

  9. Safety Interlock Switches
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    Safety interlock switches are used as a safety device to prevent accidents. A locking mechanism prevents the machinery from working unless a specific order of actions are carried out by the operator. Although they mainly have industrial applications, they can also be found in a number of domestic electrical appliances.

  10. Toggle Switches
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    Toggle switches are used as a mechanism to control the flow of electric power to circuits. There are a variety of these switches and they have a number of applications. Although they are found as starter buttons for industrial machinery, their most well-known use is as light switches in many domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

  11. Wall Switches
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    Wall switches are a mechanism which is mounted in the wall as a way to supply electricity to most buildings. There are a variety of wall switches but the vast majority are used to turn lights on and off. Some switches can be controlled from more than one location, which is especially useful in the corridors and stairwells of public buildings.

  12. Wireless Limit Switches
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    Wireless limit switches can control the production process from a distance when wiring might be physically impossible or economically unviable. They are used in potentially hazardous environments or on moving equipment that cannot have wire connections. Although predominantly used in industry, they also have some farming and construction applications.

  13. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.