Cable Pull Switches

Cable pull switches are rope-operated emergency stop devices. They operate on the taut cable principle. When the rope is the right tension, the contacts are opened but when it becomes slack due to stretching or breakage, an emergency command is activated which stops the machinery automatically. It is only returned to normal operation when the reset button is pressed manually. Instead of there being many emergency stop buttons along the length of the machine activated by people, there is one single cable pull switch. There are some different modifications which can be made to the cable pull switch. There are differences in the switch function (which can be maintained or momentary), in the mounting style (which can be double- or single-end) and in the AC contact rating. The cable pull itself can be reset by an actuator, push button or rotary knob. The device is available with a number of features like being waterproof or heavy-duty. Cable pull switches are seen in the industrial sector as they are designed to be mounted on machines and sections of conveyors which cannot be protected by guards. They are commonly used with conveyor systems, packaging machinery and presses.

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