Door Switches

Door switches are any devices used for the opening or closing of doors. They are often installed in sliding doors instead of a hinged door. Sometimes the opening mechanism of the door is a visible button, which is operated manually whilst other door switches are hidden in the door frame or concealed above or in front of the door and are operated by electronic means. Some door switches are buttons, which are pressed to release the opening mechanism. Such systems contain a safety device which senses if there is an obstacle and automatically reopens. For added security, they can be installed with a key card and security code to restrict access . Other door switches open automatically when the sensor detects someone is approaching. The sensor can be activated by weight (such as someone treading on a mat) or optic or motion detectors. Door switches are often found in commercial buildings such as shopping centres. In the commercial or industrial sector, they can be a security device to keep out trespassers. In such workplaces, door switches act as a kind of hands-free device if employers are carrying or pushing objects and find it difficult to open the door manually.

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