Toggle Switches

A toggle switch is a mechanism consisting of two 'arms' almost in line, connected with an elbow-shaped pivot. They are mainly used to open or close an electrical circuit so that it is connected or disconnected to the power supply. It is activated manually either by a mechanical lever, handle or a rocking mechanism. These switches are some of the most common since they are cheap, easy to install and easy to replace. Toggle switches can vary enormously in size although this depends chiefly on their application. The shape of their switch can be short, standard, wedge or duckbill and some are illuminated if they are on. Their installation can be in-through hole or mount though the most popular is panel-mounted while the termination of the switch might be screw, flat or push-on. The switches can be two- or three- terminal. Toggle switches have a number of applications but the most popular is to operate the lighting circuits in all kinds of properties. They are also used to turn on wall sockets so power is supplied. These switches are fitted in a large number of machines, both domestic and industrial. Even some plant machinery uses toggle switches as their starter button.

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