Wireless Limit Switches

In general, limit switches are designed to regulate the initial operation of machines and keep it within certain parameters. They can be used to start, stop, slow down or accelerate operations or activate forward or reverse. The wireless design is used where cabling might be difficult, expensive or unwanted. The advantage of this switch is that it reduces installation costs. The operation of the machinery may also be done by remote control. There are a variety of wireless limit switches, which vary in their size, stroke rate of operation and force capacity. They can be heavy-duty for engineering works or miniature. The output is converted through a wireless signal to be received by the panel mount receiver. The operator can be informed of problems through a variety of audio-visual signals such as buzzers or flashing LEDs. The vast majority of wireless limit switches are used in industry. They are especially useful in hazardous environments where human access is difficult such as if there is danger of explosions or suspended particles in the air. They are also installed in moving equipment such as vehicles which cannot have wire connections, such as some construction equipment and farming equipment like bailing machines.

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