Power Management

Power management entails the correct use of the power supply to ensure the correct functioning of a device or an industrial facility. If the correct measures are implemented, then power management leads to savings on electricity bills, maintenance and repair costs meaning equipment and components last much longer. In microprocessors, power management is done over the whole processor, in the cache memory or the main memory. In industrial facilities care must be taken to ensure that machinery is used correctly at the right voltage and so on. This means there will be fewer malfunctions and production hours lost due to breakdowns and stoppages. Power management is also a characteristic of many electrical appliances such as computers. It is usually installed in the computer's hardware and means that the device will automatically stop working if it is inactive. This means that energy consumption is reduced but the battery life is prolonged. Power management is of concern to any business whether it is commercial or manufacturing. When the correct measures are put into effect, money is saved, problems are prevented and the quality and reliability of the company increases. In electronic devices, good power management also means that power is directed to the components which really need it.

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  1. Power Conditioners
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    Power conditioners have a number of functions. They can protect equipment from sudden power surges, make sure machinery is supplied with the correct voltage and can also filter out unwanted noise. Although mainly used in industry,they are sometimes purchased for domestic use.

  2. Power Controllers
    - 6 Suppliers 448 Products

    Power controllers are a device used to protect circuits or pieces of equipment from damage which could be incurred during a power surge. Being much faster and more efficient than surge protectors, they are often installed in factories where the machinery might be more sensitive.

  3. Power Converters
    - 7 Suppliers 2,748 Products

    Power converters are devices to change one form of energy into another kind and sometimes this conversion is done in stages. There are a wide variety of these devices, each having a specific function. Power converters have a wide range of applications, both domestically and industrially.

  4. Power Distribution Systems
    - 9 Suppliers 169 Products

    Power distribution systems are crucial so that customers can receive an uninterrupted supply of electricity. There are two distribution systems: the primary and the secondary. The configurations might be radial with an emergency backup or network from multiple sources. Every building needs an electrical supply to power appliances, lighting, heating and machinery.

  5. Power Inverters
    - 8 Suppliers 141 Products

    Power inverters are devices used to change direct current into alternating current. They can be used in factories to convert the power supplied to machinery but also have a number of domestic applications. Household appliances can be plugged into an inverter and be used even when there is no electricity supply because of a power cut or malfunction.

  6. Power Management Systems
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    Power management is an important way to ensure that a business or device works correctly and saves money on energy bills. There are various systems to achieve this and include management training techniques. For electrical appliances, many of the systems are already installed in it such as power saver.

  7. Power Outlets & Sockets
    - 12 Suppliers 5,039 Products

    Power outlets and sockets ensure that appliances can access electricity from convenient locations. They are protected by the circuit layout and might have other safeguards like switches or covers. The majority are fitted into the wall for domestic use although factories and offices might use floor sockets.

  8. Power Relays
    - 10 Suppliers 440 Products

    Power relays can either be used as a switching device to turn a circuit on or off or they can be installed as amplifiers to allow a small current operate a device which needs larger amounts of current. Relays are found in many machines, domestic appliances as well as electronic devices.

  9. Power Supplies
    - 28 Suppliers 1,640 Products

    Power supplies are devices to convert one form of energy into another and can be separate or fitted into a machine or device. There are a wide range of power supplies. These converters are extremely versatile and have a number of domestic, industrial and commercial uses.

  10. Transformers
    - 23 Suppliers 735 Products

    Transformers are used to increase or lower the voltage levels of AC current and they exist in many variations. They are vital for the transmission and distribution of the electricity supply. They are also contained in smaller electrical appliances so that the voltage can be reduced.

  11. Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    - 7 Suppliers 182 Products

    Uninterruptible power supplies are electrical devices which provide an immediate alternative power supply, often in the form of batteries, if there is a power cut. There are a variety of these devices and they can differ in size. They are mainly used when a lack of electricity could cause loss of life, disruption to business or loss of data.

  12. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.