Power Conditioners

Also known as line conditioners, power conditioners are devices which are used to improve the quality of power distributed for consumers and to ensure that it is delivered at the proper voltage thereby avoiding damage to machinery or appliances. They can sometimes operate as a voltage regulator. They are designed with internal filter banks to isolate individual outlets or receptacles to which they are connected. Power conditioners are available in a large variety of sizes and so while some are as small as a circuit board, others can protect an entire factory. There are two main types of power conditioner; one is called an AC power conditioner which can have ten or more outlets and acts as both a surge protector and noise filter. The other is a power line conditioner, which takes in power and modifies it according to the machinery's specifications. These are measured in Phasor units. Power conditioners are mainly found in the industrial sector where they can protect sensitive equipment and machinery from damage caused by power surges and increase its longevity. They also have an application for domestic use as they provide protection for a home entertainment centre and can suppress interference from unwanted noise.

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