Power Converters

Power converters are electrical or electromechanical devices for converting electrical energy. They can change alternating current to direct current or vice versa but can also adapt the voltage and frequency or a combination of all of these. Sometimes the conversion takes place in a number of stages such as chargers for any battery-powered device or appliance. Devices like rectifiers, inverters, transformers, and linear or voltage regulators can all be considered types of power converters. There are various kinds of power converters and they are classified according to what they convert. Analogue-to-digital converters (or ADC) are devices like rotary encoders. The next category is Digital-to-Analogue (or DAC) such as CD players. Finally, there are devices which convert digital-to-digital (DDC). Power converters in all their variations have a wide number of applications. The detection of amplitude modulated radio signals and the polarised voltage for welding both require an AC supply to be changed into DC. When people travel to other countries, the voltage converters (or plug adapters) they buy are in fact a power converter. Any other AC adapter which converts mains voltage into low-voltage DC suitable for microchips are a form of this device too so their application is everywhere.

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