Power Outlets & Sockets

During the construction of a building, planning is done of the wiring system to ensure that access to the power supply is easily accessible with power outlets and sockets being located in convenient locations. A consumer unit is installed with a Residual Current Device and individual circuit breakers so that the system of power outlets is protected from short circuits as well as fire and electric shock. Some machines such as heavy plant machinery might need to be connected directly to the consumer unit to ensure that they are properly safeguarded. Other appliances can be plugged into wall sockets. Sockets might have different voltage/current rating, shape, size and type of connectors but the configuration of pins on the plug help ensure few mistakes are made. Some sockets are further protected by a switch which can turn off the current or by covers which are hinged at the top. Although the majority of sockets and power outlets are fitted flush with the wall, there are floor sockets or outlets set into plastic ducting. Power outlets and sockets are found everywhere there is need of electricity. Although homes have theirs set into the wall, factories and offices might need floor sockets to meet their needs.

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