Power Supplies

Power supplies are an electrical device which supply electrical energy to an electrical load. They can convert one form of energy to another. This energy includes that from electricity, energy storage devices like batteries or fuel cells, electromechanical systems such as generators and solar power converters. They can be discrete stand-alone devices while others are built into larger devices with their loads. They consist of power input/output, electrical connectors or hard-wired circuit connection Power supplies can be categorised by their functional features. Regulated ones have a constant power supply while adjustable ones are altered by a knob. Isolated power supplies have their power input independent of the power output. Sometimes they are divided into whether they are linear or switching designs. They can also be defined by which power supply is used: AC-to-DC, DC and so on. Power supplies are extremely versatile devices and can be used in means of transport such as aircraft or electric cars. For industry they are often installed in heavy plant machinery such as welding machines which can then use both AC and DC power. For domestic use both adapters and computers draw AC power from a plug which is then converted internally into several DC voltages.

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