Solar Power

Solar power is harnessing the energy of the sun in order to satisfy in part or completely the energy needs of buildings or towns. It is an inexpensive low-carbon renewable energy source and with reductions in its installation costs, it is becoming increasingly popular. There are various types of solar energy. Photovoltaics (PV) directly convert sunlight into electric current. Initially used for small devices, panels of PV cells can now be installed on the roofs of buildings to supply its power. The second type of solar power is Unified Solar Power which indirectly produces power by concentrating sunlight on lenses or mirrors to form a small beam. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) uses the heat of the sun's radiation to generate electricity from conventional steam-driven turbines. Hybrid systems use both solar cells and the CSP system in combination. There are now solar PV systems feeding into the power grid and solar power stations. Solar power can be used to supply the electricity needs of a building or for specific uses such as heating water or for recharging appliances. There is also solar lighting when batteries with solar cells are charged during the hours of sunlight and are triggered at night.

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  1. Solar Panel Mounting Equipment
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    Depending on their location, solar panels can be mounted in different ways. On a roof, they can be weighted or fitted in a framework, which is then fastened onto or over the roof. Ground-installed panels require concrete foundations. The correct mounting allows them to work at optimum power.

  2. Solar Panels
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    Solar panels can be found on the roofs of buildings of all types. They consist of photovoltaic cells set in a frame and are made of different semi-conducting materials. The choice of which panels to install depends on their price, energy efficiency and space considerations.

  3. Solar Power Regulators
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    Solar power regulators are used to regulate the current or voltage levels to prevent the battery from overcharging, which can have negative effects on the battery and be dangerous. These devices can be installed into the appliance or might be stand-alone attachments.

  4. Solar Power Testing Equipment
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    Solar power testing equipment is used to test solar power panels. It commonly used during installation, diagnostics and troubleshooting by installers and technicians maintaining and installing solar power panels in commercial and domestic establishments. Common solar powering testing equipment includes solar power metres, current clamps, analyser kit, solar tool kit, solar shading meter and solar test kit.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.