Solar Power Regulators

A solar power regulator (also known as a charge controller) is a voltage or current regulator which prevents the batteries from overcharging. This could reduce the battery's performance, shorten the battery's life and pose a safety risk. This device can also regulate the voltage or current coming from the solar panels to the battery and appliances can be run directly from it whilst recharging. There are three basic types of solar power regulators. The first is a stand-alone device. It could be installed with additional features such as a low- voltage disconnect. The Maximum Power Point tracker has much more sophisticated technology and can adjust charging rates according to the level of the battery. It may control the battery temperature to prevent overheating and have a display, transmit data to remote locations or track the electric flow. An integrated charge controller is found on a single microchip and installed within the device during manufacture. An integrated charge controller is found in rechargeable devices or single microchips. Other stand-alone devices can be installed later to provide protection of the solar power system. They could be smaller devices for domestic use or larger pieces of apparatus for entire installations.

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