Wire Connectors

Wire connectors are the fasteners used to make tight connections between two or more electrical wires or to connect wires to the electricity terminal. Made of flame-resistant material, the connectors prevent the wires from coming into contact with each other or with an exposed metal surface. This reduces the risks of a short circuit or electric shock. For wire connectors which must withstand high temperatures, the connector can be made of ceramic. There are a wide variety of wire connectors and the methods employed to attach them. At the terminal, they can be connected by soldering, crimping, insulation displacement, insulation piercing, wire wrapping or cage clamping. Some of the most popular types involve an axial-screw or a push-in attachment. Twist-on winged and grounding connectors are used to bond non-metallic sheathed cable. Some connectors are specifically designed for underground and waterproof use. All such fasteners are coded by size so that they fit the right gauge of wire. Wire connectors are used in all buildings, whether they are domestic, commercial or industrial, to ensure that the electricity functions and is distributed correctly. These fasteners enable appliances and machinery to be connected to the power supply system.

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