Optoelectronics can be defined as the study, design and manufacture of hardware which converts electrical energy into light, or vice versa, with the help of semiconductors. Many devices source, detect and control light including invisible forms of radiation like X-rays, ultraviolet and infrared. Optoelectronics is an enormous field covering many instruments that use light-activated devices. Solar power is one aspect when photovoltaic cells use the energy of sunlight to generate power. Other types include photo diodes, photo transistors, opto isolators and photomultipliers. Simulated emission is a branch of optoelectronics and uses laser diodes to convert light energy in devices like laser diodes. LED (light-emitting diodes) are semiconductors which release energy as photons for a number of applications. The many branches of optoelectronics mean that it has many applications in all aspects of modern life including medicine, industry, lighting and the military. Optic fibre communications is widespread and is used to transmit signals over long distances. The plastic or glass of the fibre acts like a light pipe or wave guide. Optocouplers act on the same principle while LED devices can be found in computers, watches and lighting applications such as bulbs. Most detectors and sensors make use of this technology.

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  1. Fibre Optic Components
    - 3 Suppliers 12,202 Products

    The basic types of fibre optic components are varying kinds of cable, fibres, lenses, connectors, LEDs, transmitters and receivers in order for the system to work correctly. They have a number of applications but are predominantly used in the field of telecommunications.

  2. Inverters
    - 3 Suppliers 27,537 Products

    Inverters convert DC (direct current) currents into AC (alternating current) and are widely used in the field electrical engineering, automotive engineering and solar power panelling. The three main types of inverters are modified sine wave, modified sine wave and square wave.

  3. Laser Products
    - 3 Suppliers 15,295 Products

    Laser products have many advantages over other sources of light, which makes them suitable for use in many sectors from construction to entertainment. They are the basic components of many devices and also their formation makes them precision instruments and means they can focus on tiny areas or diameters.

  4. LED Products and Accessories
    - 10 Suppliers 9,012 Products

    LED products are becoming extremely popular, especially anything to do with lighting. Various forms of LED lighting are installed for spotlighting or task lighting, both inside and outside buildings. They exist in all types of buildings and require specific accessories to make them functional.

  5. Optical Filters for Electronics
    - 0 Suppliers 35,609 Products

    Optical filters work by blocking or absorbing different wavelengths in the spectrum. There are two basic types and they have different applications. They are used in the manufacture of optical and photographic equipment and can act as valuable eye protection as well as carrying telecommunications signals.

  6. Optocouplers
    - 1 Supplier 15,858 Products

    Optocouplers contain a light source like LED which converts an electrical input signal into light for transmission and are able to protect devices from power surges. There are a variety of optocouplers and the choice of which to use depends on their application, which can be anything from data transfer to photocopying.

  7. Photo Diodes
    - 1 Supplier 8,663 Products

    Photo diodes are used to convert light into current and can be exposed or packaged. There are several types of photo diodes and they have a number of uses in measuring light as well as being installed in devices like CD players, cameras or remote controls.

  8. Photo Transistors
    - 2 Suppliers 17,664 Products

    Photo transistors are devices which convert light energy into electrical energy. They are simple and cheap to manufacture but practically instantaneous in their activation. Most electronic devices which are triggered by light contain photo transistors such as automatic lights and night-vision equipment.

  9. Photodetectors
    - 1 Supplier 11,684 Products

    Photodetectors are devices designed to detect light in a preprogrammed part of the spectrum. They are categorised according to their detection method or configuration. They have a wide number of applications and are used in all aspects of modern life and as components in many devices.

  10. Photointerruptors
    - 1 Supplier 4,961 Products

    Photo-interrupters consist of two parts: a receiver and an emitter. A sensor can detect the presence of a moving object because the light is blocked. There are two basic types of photo-interrupters and they have a wide range of applications for motion detectors as well as for office equipment.

  11. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 4 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.