Laser Products

A laser is a sealed tube, containing a pair of mirrors and a laser medium excited by a form of energy to produce visible light, invisible light or infrared radiation. It can be made mono-chromic so that only one wavelength of light of present. It is also more parallel than other light sources so it can be focused on very small and specific areas. It also has no interference from other external electrical or magnetic fields. There are a wide range of laser products. Laser pointers, made of inexpensive semiconductors, are used to point out information in presentations. A similar laser device is used by surveyors and constructors to measure distances or for alignment. A laser spirit level is much more precise while there are also laser-guided tools. In the field of medicine, lasers are used for precision in surgery and for dental drills. Both CD and DVD players contain lasers to focus on different layers of the discs while optical loudspeaker cable transmits to the loudspeaker via laser. Laser products are used in every aspect of everyday life. They have had an enormous impact on the fields of industry, the environment, communications, research, medicine and entertainment.

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