Passive Circuit Components

Passive circuit components cannot generate, oscillate or amplify an electrical signal and are incapable of controlling a current without the means of another electrical signal and so are called passive devices. In circuits, they consume power and act like attenuators. They are used individually or connected in circuits and signals. They produce a phase shift to signal or provide some form of feedback. There are a wide range of passive circuit components. One example is resistors which pass current in proportion to voltage. Another component is capacitors which store and release electric charge. Inductors use a magnet in the storage and release of electrical charge through current. Transformers transmit energy between two or more circuits using electromagnetic induction and are used to step up or step down voltage levels. Other passive circuit components include diodes and rotary encoders. Passive circuit components have a number of applications. Capacitive sensing instruments measure things like acceleration, fluid level, position and humidity. They also act as filtering devices for supply lines, tuning resonant circuits and for blocking DC voltage. In digital electronics they keep the devices stable. They are also used in robotic, industrial controls, surge protectors and microphone components.

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  1. Capacitors
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    Capacitors are energy-storing devices which can release their energy in short bursts. There are various types of capacitors which are used for different applications. They are important components used in television, radios and other electrical equipment and can also be used as signal processing or filtering devices.

  2. Filters
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    Filters suppress signals from unwanted frequencies but can also enhance wanted ones. There are a wide range of filters for different applications but the most commonly used is the linear. They are important components in the field of telecommunications and radio frequencies.

  3. Heat Sinks
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    Heat sinks are a type of passive heat exchanger which works to transfer any heat generated by a mechanical or electronic device to a fluid medium. Heat sinks are commonly found in computers and are used to cool graphic processors and central processing units. They are used in a wide range of engineering applications like microprocessor cooling.

  4. Inductors
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    Inductors store electrical energy in the form of magnetic energy and their capacity depends on their configuration. There are a variety of inductors which can block or rectify AC power sources and filter signals of different frequencies. Insulators are one of the main passive circuit components and have many applications for signal transmission.

  5. Potentiometers
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    Potentiometers are resistors with three terminals which can be used to control electronic devices as well as measure their electrical potential or voltage. There are a variety of potentiometers and they have a number of industrial, manufacturing and domestic applications.

  6. Resistors
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    Resistors are passive circuit components which are mainly used to limit current or divide voltage. They are a variety of shapes and sizes and their terminals can be through-hole or surface-mount. They are essential in many electronic devices such as loudspeakers or LED systems.

  7. Rheostats
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    Rheostats are a common way to vary resistance in a circuit or to alter the amount of voltage or current it has. Wire-wound rheostats are the most widely used and potentiometers are considered to be a form of rheostat. Nowadays, they are used for devices requiring a high voltage or current.

  8. Surge Protectors
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    Surge protectors are an essential piece of kit in both domestic and business environments. Surge protectors will protect your electronic devices by blocking or shorting to ground any electrical surges or spikes. The amount of protection offered is measured in joules so the higher the number of joules, the greater the protection.

  9. Thermistors
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    Thermistors are electrical resistors which use sensors to regulate and monitor temperature. There are two basic types of thermistors: negative and positive temperature coefficient. They are found in many industrial and domestic appliances as well as means of transport for measurement and control purposes.

  10. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.