Printed Circuit Boards and Accessories

Printed circuit boards (or PCB) are electrical circuits which allow the signals and power of any electronic device to be routed between physical devices. There are various types of circuit boards with different designs and capabilities although the most commonly used is the double-sided PCB which is manufactured with two copper layers for improved functioning. Various components or accessories can be added to circuit boards to make them more versatile. Printed circuit boards vary from the relatively simple single-sided to the Aluminium-backed PCB, which allows the installation of high power applications. Sometimes boards can have up to thirty layers which adds power to the device and reduces electromagnetic interference. Accessories such as connectors mean devices operate under stressful conditions and support a heavy load. Some accessories include PCB connecting contacts/ kits /housing and pin and sock strips. Backplane connectors act as expansion cards to increase capabilities. Printed circuit boards and accessories are found in all electronic devices except the simplest. They are vital components of machines like computers and ensure that systems in homes and businesses function using the full extent of their capabilities. Some of them are highly specialised for specific sectors.

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  1. PCB Connectors
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    PCB connectors are essential attachments which are added to circuit boards to protect them from harm or to enable some supplementary functions. There are a wide range of connectors and they can be found in the circuitry of most electronic devices, especially computers.

  2. Printed Circuit Boards
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    Printed circuit boards are an essential component of electronic devices and allow equipment like computers to have better and more applications. There are various types of PCB and the choice of which to install depends on the manufacturer's specifications and design of the product.

  3. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.