PCB Connectors

Printed circuit board connectors provide stable electrical connections and ensure that heavy devices such as video cards do not damage the printed circuit board or fall off due to their own weight. These connectors ensure the electronic device is able to operate under stressful conditions and also provide it with safety. Components like capacitors and resistors are soldered onto the circuit board whilst advanced PCB components are embedded in the substrate. There are a wide range of PCB connectors. Some like the backplane connector acts like an expansion card on devices. Variations of this include the butterfly, act and pass backplanes. The DIN 41612 is used in the telecommunication industry and for data applications while the DIN 41617 is a connector which can handle a high current. Some of these are used for specific software so the LVDS has been developed for the use of monitors for television or gaming. Others like the PCB header access protect the headers from harm. PCB connectors are important components which add to the capabilities of the circuit board and so can be found everywhere especially where computers are used. They are found in businesses and homes especially when the system is designed for specialised use.