Semiconductors are solid substances that possess conductivity between that of an insulator and most metals, either due to the addition of impurities or because of the effect of temperature. This means they conduct current but only partly. They can be made of pure elements such as silicone or can be compounds like gallium arsenide. In the process of doping, a small number of impurities are added to pure semi conductors causing large changes in conductivity. There are two main types of semiconductor. The first is N-type when the dopant is an element with five electrons which results in negatively charged electrons. The second is P-type when the dopant is an element with three electrons and a hole is created leading to an increase in conductivity. With both, the electrons become organised in one direction, creating a current. Semiconductors are at the heart of microprocessor chips and transistors; anything using computers or radio waves needs them. They are also used as controllable switches which control the computer system with a very small voltage. They are necessary for amplification and energy conversion. The development of semi conductors over the past fifty years have made electronic devices smaller, faster and more reliable.

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  1. Accelerometers
    - 3 Suppliers 46,817 Products

    Accelerometers are devices which measure the movement and vibration of bodies by the use of sensors. They use different ways of detecting movement and some contain additional features. They are widely used in electronic appliances as well as in cars and factory testing.

  2. Decoders & Encoders
    - 7 Suppliers 93,170 Products

    Decoders and encoders are an essential part of electronics as they allow data to be converted from one format to another for easy transmission or to give instructions. They can be either optical or magnetic in functioning. They are used in every sector of modern life including telecommunications and industry.

  3. Diodes
    - 6 Suppliers 102,163 Products

    Diodes are a major component of electronic devices and ensure that current only flows in one direction. There are many types of diodes, which can be used alone or in conjunction with other components. They have many domestic, industrial and commercial functions.

  4. Electronic Oscillators
    - 2 Suppliers 65,420 Products

    Electronic oscillators work by using a periodic fluctuation of two things based on changes in energy. There are different types of oscillator but all use a sensitive amplifier which provides positive feedback. They are found in computers, detectors as well as being used for the transmission and reception of radio signals.

  5. Integrated Circuits & Chips
    - 7 Suppliers 1,024,892 Products

    Integrated circuits and chips are a set of interconnecting components on one wafer which allow electronic devices to perform different functions. A number of ICs have been developed in packages, which are unique in configuration and function. Without them, no electronic device would be able to function.

  6. Microcontrollers
    - 2 Suppliers 96,353 Products

    Microcontrollers are found in all kinds of electronic devices, whatever their application and allow them to interact with other machines. They have different memory capabilities and the choice of which to install depends on how many functions the device must be able to do.

  7. Modulators
    - 2 Suppliers 26,872 Products

    Modulators are ways to facilitate communications so that electromagnetic or optical signals, encoded with data, can be sent over long distances in bulk rapidly and conveniently. There are various types of modulators but they are predominantly used in the field of radio, television and telecommunications.

  8. Thyristors
    - 4 Suppliers 33,145 Products

    Thyristors are semiconductor rectifiers which can handle higher currents and will continue working until reset. They act as either switches, rectifiers or voltage regulators. There are a variety of thyristors and they can be found in many industrial and domestic appliances.

  9. Transistors
    - 5 Suppliers 30,591 Products

    Transistors are miniature components made of semiconductor material, which are embedded in electronic devices, mainly acting as amplifiers or switches. There are a variety of transistors with different functions. The presence of millions of transistors allow any computer to process and carry out applications.

  10. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 156,207 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.