Agricultural Vehicles and Machinery

Agricultural vehicles and machinery is equipment used on a farm to help with the farming process. While the most common type of agricultural machine is a tractor, there is actually a wide range of agricultural vehicles and machinery widely used on today’s farms. These include rollers, rotators, ploughs, cultivators, chisel ploughs, harrows, sprinkler systems, sprayers, weight sorters, shaper sorters, chippers, grain driers, conveyor belts, wagons, harvesters, pasture toppers, rakes, cultivators, trailers, attachments, rotovators, tillers, chippers and muck spreaders and fertiliser spreaders. Agricultural vehicles and machinery are widely used by farmers and farm workers to help maintain and work the farm.

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  1. Agricultural Rollers
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    A roller is a type of agricultural tool commonly used on farms, lawns and cricket pitches to break up large clumps of soil or flatten the land. The purpose of rolling and land flattening is to control weeds, ease harvesting, assist in the reduction of moisture loss from soil which has been cultivated and level and compact soil surface.

  2. Cultivators, Rotovators and Tillers
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    Cultivators, rotovators and tillers are a type of agricultural vehicle or machine used to break up the ground, through rotation, uprooting weeds and making the ground suitable for successful turfing, planting, seeding or levelling. There is a wide range of cultivators, rotovators and tillers which can be powered by gas, electric or petrol to make fields, farmland and gardens more fertile.

  3. Fertiliser Spreaders and Muck Spreaders
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    Fertiliser spreaders and muck spreaders are types of agricultural vehicles and machinery commonly used on farms, fields and gardens. They work by spreading muck and fertiliser across fields, along the edges of fields and assist in late fertilisation and the applications applied to specialist crops.

  4. Harvesters and Chippers
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    Harvesters and chippers are types of agricultural vehicles and machinery used to reduce wood into chips or plants into silage. Types of chippers (also known as tree chippers or woodchippers) include disc, drum and high torque roller. While common types of harvesters (also known silage harvester, forager or chopper) include single chop, double chop or precision chop. In each case, chippers and harvesters can be stand-alone units but can also attach to a tractor.

  5. Ploughs
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    Ploughs are agriculture machines used on farms for soil cultivation in preparation of sow seeding or planting, or to turn and loose soil. They are commonly used by farmers and farm workers to cultivate soil found in farms, fields and large gardens.

  6. Rotary Mowers and Pasture Toppers
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    Rotary mowers and pasture toppers are types of agricultural equipment commonly used on farms to maintain grass found in fields and pastures. The difference between a mower and a topper is that the mower will serve to cut more length, cutting the grass short.

  7. Snow Blowers and Snow Ploughs
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    Snow blowers and snow ploughs are both types of machinery that are used in the process of snow removable from outdoor areas. Snow ploughs are widely used in areas with a large surface area, like driveways, pavements and runways. While snow blowers are used on railway tracks, ice rinks and roadways.

  8. Tractors, Trailers and Attachments
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    Tractors, trailers and attachments are commonly used agricultural equipment which are used to the smooth running, and optimum condition of a farm or similar agricultural space. Tractors are machines which are driven by an operator, whereas a trailer is attached on to a tractor and provides space for articles which can be loaded. Attachments refer to a wide range of components which can be added to the tractor or trailer.

  9. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.