Snow Blowers and Snow Ploughs

Snow blowers and snow ploughs are both types of machinery that are used in the process of snow removable from outdoor areas. While both snow blowers and snow ploughs serve to remove snow, a snow blower is a two stage snow removable machine since it picks up snow and blows it out of the chute. Whereas a snow plough is a single stage machine that serves to move snow out of the way. Common types of snow blowers are single-stage gas blows, two-stage gas blowers, three-stage gas blowers and electric blowers. Types of snow ploughs include commercial snow ploughs, residential snow ploughs, all-terrain ploughs, straight ploughs, box ploughs, electric ploughs, manual ploughs, and hydraulic ploughs. Snow ploughs are widely used in areas with a large surface area, like driveways, pavements and runways. While snow blowers are used on railway tracks, ice rinks and roadways.

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