Animal Care

Animal care is used to describe the care-giving to animals. This includes domestic animals, agriculture animals and animals bred for produce. Animal care ensures that animals have their specific dietary needs met, have shelter and are looked after in accordance to standard legislation. Legislation concerning animals includes Act to Prevent the Cruel and Improper Treatment of Cattle, the Protection of Animals Act, The Performing Animals (Regulation) Act, The Pet Animals Act, Cock fighting Act, Abandonment of Animals Act, Animal Boarding Establishments Act and many more. Types of products which ensure animal care include animal food, animal bedding, animal toys, animal shelter and animal grooming products. Animal care is the responsibility of those who own and work with animals.

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  1. Animal Coats, Blankets and Rugs
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    Animal coats, blankets and rugs are used to provide warmth to outdoor animals during colder seasons or wet weather, particularly horses, cows, goats, sheep and lambs. They work by providing insulation and reducing the amount of body heat that is lost when temperatures are cooler, or providing a waterproof layer during wet weather. Some animal coats are also used to provide high visibility in areas with limited light, while many are created for new-born animals that might require an additional level of warmth.

  2. Animal Consumables
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    The care of animals generates the need for many products which are regularly used and then thrown away, these are described as animal consumables. The care and upkeep of animals requires varying amount of animal consumables depending on the animals but basic animal consumables products include types of food, bedding and waste management systems.

  3. Animal Toys and Grooming Equipment
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    Animal toys are used by anyone who provides care to animals including farmers, vets, animal researchers, pet owners and animal breeders. Depending on the animal, there will be different grooming requirements and varying demands for interaction - is why it’s important to keep a good stock of animal toys and grooming equipment.

  4. Animal Training Equipment
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    Animal training equipment is used by animal and pet owners and care-givers to assist in training. Common animals which are trained with animal training equipment includes dogs, cats, horses, and sheep. Common types of animal training equipment includes leads, balls, flags, whistles, agility tunnels, treats, hurdles, pet corrector sprays, and pet attraction sprays.

  5. Bee Keeping Equipment
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    Bee keeping is a hobby or occupation of bee keepers and involves care-giving of bees for enjoyment, for the benefits of pollination, or for the production of beeswax, propolis, royal jelly. Bee keeping involves owning specialist equipment for the care and upkeep of bees, as well as various products for the extraction and storage of bee by-products.

  6. Feeders and Drinkers
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    Feeders and drinkers offer convenient storage solutions for both food and drink and are carefully developed with each animal’s needs in minds. Animals that eat and drink from feeders and drinkers include farm animals, pets, and a wide range of equide.

  7. Milking Parlour and Dairy Equipment
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    A milking parlour is a room, or building, which cows are taken to for milking. The parlour needs specialist milking parlour products and dairy equipment to run effectively, to offer a quicker way of milking cows and to provide a hygienic environment for milking and bottling. Equipment ranges from automatic, manual and semi-automatic.

  8. Stable and Tack Room Equipment
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    Stable and tack room equipment is used in the equestrian field. A stable is a holding for horses and also provides a place for shelter and sleeping, so stable equipment includes bedding and everything needed to keep the stable clean and comfortable for horses. A tack room is a storage room for all riding equipment, so it’s contents include everything a rider needs to ride a horse and relevant storage solutions.

  9. Veterinary Supplies and Medicines
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    Veterinary supplies and medicines are used in the care of animals in veterinary clinics. They are used on a wide range of animals to ensure their routine well-being, and during times of sickness and emergency situations. Common veterinary supplies and medicines fall under the following categories; anaesthesia and critical care, surgical instruments, orthopaedic implants, endoscopy equipment, electro surgery equipment, diagnostic products, dentist equipment, consumables, ultrasound machines, and sterilisation products.

  10. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.