Hydraulic Instrumentation

Hydraulic instrumentation ensures that the working of the system can be checked as a diagnostic tool since early detection prevents costly repairs and stoppages with lost man hours. Such devices are also essential to verify repairs because an error could cause an accident or even death. There are a variety of testing devices for all parts of the system including the conductors like hoses and all the fittings. Many diagnostic tools or kits ensure that pressure is being maintained in the system and some gauges can be connected easily without using a wrench. Accumulator charging kits check for loss in the gas precharge pressure, overall efficiency and possible damage to the accumulator blader, diaphragm or piston. Some can be used from a distance such as the industrial infrared thermometer so that mechanics are not near moving parts. Hose cleaning products in the form of foam pellets ensure the lines or assemblies are free of contamination. A laser tachometer can measure the RPM of the shaft using a microprocessor while the stroboscope 'freezes' the rotary so the gear teeth and shafts can be inspected. Hydraulic instrumentation would be of interest to anyone, predominantly in construction or industry, who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of hydraulic-driven machinery.

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