Hydraulic Tubing and Hose

Hydraulic tubing and hoses are the basic means for transporting fluid from one component to another in the hydraulic system. The hose is made up of at least three layers. The outer layer must be compatible with the fluid it will carry, the reinforced layer is made of reinforced wire or yarn while the outer protective layer must be weather- or oil-resistant. They are made in standard sizes for different pressure ranges and are interconnected by flanges, welding nipples, flare connections or cut-rings. Before fitting hose or tubing, some factors must be considered; the measurements, the maximum working temperature, the application, materials, pressure capabilities and the hose endings. Some hoses are flexible which allows components to be positioned efficiently and if it bends, it will fit in tight spaces or across longer distances. Tubing might be rigid to bridge shorter distances or to fit in a small casing. Other mobile equipment needs a long flexible hose. The hose construction can be reinforced, coiled, corrugated, articulated or multi-elements. Hydraulic tubing and hoses are vital components for hydraulic-driven machinery and equipment and would be found in many construction sites, mines or factories since these places need higher torque power.

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