Pneumatic Equipment & Components

There are a number of components which make up the pneumatic-driven system. The actuator is made up of the piston, cylinder, switches and valves or ports. The piston is covered by a diaphragm or seal which is activated by compressed air exerting force on it. Valves, manifolds and switches control the force, velocity and direction of the air flow; they are connected by pipes, tubing and hose which can be rigid or flexible in construction. Fittings such as metal gaskets, rings or ferrules form an airtight seal and are used as connectors. There are a wide variety of tools which use compressed air as a power source. Some are hand tools such as air impact wrenches, sand blasters, riveting hammers and pneumatic drills. They are considered safer than their electrical power equivalents and offer a higher power-to-weight ratio. Larger pieces of machinery also use this power source especially for food manufacturing processing as there is less risk of contamination from oil. Pneumatic equipment and components are mainly found in construction and industry especially for factory automation. However, there are other applications such as compression brakes in vehicles, dental drills and chairs as well as the HVAC industry.

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  1. Pneumatic Cylinders and Actuators
    - 12 Suppliers 3,227 Products

    Pneumatic cylinders and actuators are essential components in pneumatic-powered systems and work by forcing compressed air through the system. There are a wide variety of cylinders and actuators which are used in various types of machinery, dental equipment and means of transport.

  2. Pneumatic Fittings
    - 9 Suppliers 14,832 Products

    Pneumatic fittings are used to connect components like pipes and tubes. There are a variety in terms of connector and function and so must be chosen carefully. The most common are gaskets, rings and ferrules although other specialised types might be used for specific cases.

  3. Pneumatic Instrumentation
    - 3 Suppliers 963 Products

    Pneumatic instrumentation are devices used to check the efficiency and functioning of pneumatic-driven machinery. Digital instruments are becoming increasingly popular. There are a variety of such devices and many involve no contact with the components being measured while high pressure means no contamination.

  4. Pneumatic Manifolds
    - 10 Suppliers 2,790 Products

    Pneumatic manifolds offer a junction point in the distribution of gases and fluids. They are types of valves that are tightly packed with air and can control both the amount and rate of air, along with air pressure as it travels through the pneumatic system. They are typically made from brass, aluminium, nylon, propylene or stainless steel.

  5. Pneumatic Switches
    - 4 Suppliers 360 Products

    Pneumatic switches are used to control and regulate the direction and velocity of compressed air in machinery and equipment using this power source. There are various types of switches which sense changes in the air pressure. They can be found on construction sites and in manufacturing plants.

  6. Pneumatic Tools
    - 7 Suppliers 140 Products

    Pneumatic tools are driven by compressed air and despite their light construction, can carry out heavier jobs. There are a huge variety of these implements, which are often used to do repetitive jobs. Their share of the home improvement market is limited but they are found on construction sites and in industry.

  7. Pneumatic Tubing and Hose
    - 5 Suppliers 1,008 Products

    Pneumatic tubing and hose are essential components used to connect parts in a pneumatic-conveying system. There are a variety of these connectors but they need to be matched to the demands and functions of the equipment. They are mainly found in construction or industry.

  8. Pneumatic Valves
    - 4 Suppliers 13,301 Products

    Pneumatic valves are used to provide precise and safe control of the actuators within a compressed air system. They work by controlling pressure via a pressure relief system at the inlet port by allowing for pressure into the atmosphere. They work by blocking or directing airflow to control the sequence or speed of various operations. Pneumatic valves are widely used in various applications include packaging, factory automation and medical applications.

  9. Vacuum Generators
    - 2 Suppliers 201 Products

    Vacuum generators work according to Venturi principle and function by the creation of a vacuum at supersonic speeds. There are two basic types and they operate with unlubricated air to prevent contamination. These devices mainly have applications in industry including robotics, the car industry and sheet metal pressing.

  10. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.