Pneumatic Fittings

Made of metals, plastics and composites, pneumatic fittings are the parts used to connect sections of pipe, tube and hose in pressurised gas systems. Before installation, the operating pressure and temperature range must be known. The system has tighter seals and lower pressure requirements than hydraulic systems. The choice of connections like pipes, tubes or hoses depends on the vessels being connected: both function and connector type. There are a variety of pneumatic fittings. The ball and sleeve type has an outer sleeve connected to an inner (ball) fitting. The sleeve retracts to connect or disconnect. Compression style use compressive force to connect. Standard fittings are metal gaskets, rings and ferrules and as they entail tightening a nut, no special tools are necessary. This category also includes bite-type fit, mechanical-grip and flare fittings. Other common connections are crimp, end and threaded versions. For more specialised use, there are ways to change the direction of the air flow like elbows, plugs and tees. Adaptors , couplings, unions and caps might be found on some systems. Such fittings are found wherever there is a pneumatic-powered system. They might be installed in construction and factory machinery as well as domestic use for the installation of gas central heating.

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