Pneumatic Manifolds

Pneumatic manifolds offer a junction point in the distribution of gases and fluids. They are types of valves that are tightly packed with air and can control both the amount and rate of air, along with air pressure as it travels through the pneumatic system. Pneumatic manifolds work by determining where air (and, therefore, the power) goes to within the machine. Pneumatic manifolds are usually made from brass, aluminium, nylon, propylene or stainless steel. Common types of pneumatic manifolds include Aluminium Pneumatic Manifolds, Brass Pneumatic Manifolds, Polypropylene Pneumatic Manifolds, Nylon Pneumatic Manifolds, Dual Air Manifolds, Junction Blocks and Terminal Blocks. Pneumatic manifolds provide a wide range of applications in mobile equipment applications and fluid handling processes including simple on/off processes in motion control.

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