Pneumatic Tubing and Hose

Pneumatic tubing, hoses or pipes are used to connect pumps, valves, cylinders and other components in a pneumatic-conveying system. Before fitting a new connector, such factors as the size, strength, diameter, flexibility, resistance to contaminants as well as bending capabilities should be taken into consideration. The outer diameter should not be confused with the inner and the latter could be affected by the tube-wall thickness. In general, pneumatic-driven systems have tighter seals and lower pressure requirements than hydraulic systems. Whether to use tubing or hose depends on the vessels being connected. Hoses are flexible and are made up of multiple layers of different materials. They tend not to be permanent as wear and tear will mean they need replacing. Pipes are rigid consisting of one solid material and are defined by their inner diameter. Tubes are quite rigid, of one solid material and are sold according to their outer diameter. Recently, fitters are substituting plastic for reinforced hose. Flexible tubing or hose tends to be more popular because it allows greater mobility for some machines. Pneumatic tubing and hose is used for any equipment which is powered by compressed air. For automated or machine-shop applications, they are matched to the push lock or other fitting.

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