Force Measurement and Accessories

Force measurement is commonly referred to as force gauge and it’s the measurement of force in relation to push and pull. Tools which gauge force are called force gauges, they are small instruments that fall into two categories, mechanical and digital force gauges. The most common form of a mechanical force gauge is a spring scale, which is a typical weighing scale. A digital force gauge is a handheld device that contains a load cell, electronic part, software and a display. In digital force gauge, a load cell used to convert a force into an electrical signal. Force measurement and accessories are used in the fields of research and development, laboratory, quality, and production.

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  1. Button Fixtures
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    A button fixture is a test fixture that is used to test physical devices. The button fixture allows for speedy testing, in quick succession and is a recognised testing fixture that doesn’t interfere with testing or discredits any testing results.

  2. Force Analysis Systems
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    Force analysis systems are also called force measurement systems are the systems used to measure types of force. They are widely used by many industries including engineering, automotive, metrology, freight and transport and construction. Common types of systems include those which measure force, strain, and load.

  3. Force Gauges
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    Force gauges help determine force measurements of door latch, quality of spring, wire testing, strength, peeling, friction, texture. They are commonly used in the fields of research and development, laboratory, quality, production, and field environment and fall into two fields, mechanical and digital.

  4. Force Testing Systems
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    Force testing systems are used to and measure the effect of force on objects, basically to understand how much force they can endure and to, therefore, ascertain their quality level. Force testing systems are widely used in research and development.

  5. Load Cells
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    Load cells are used in processing plants when accuracy is required in weighing. They are more concise than scales, and create an electrical signal whose magnitude is directly proportional to the force being measured. Lsensors and strain gauge load cells are the most commonly used type of load cells.

  6. Material Testing Systems
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    Material testing systems are a one-stop solution for material testing needs. They range in sizes from desk-top versions to machines that fill whole rooms depending on the nature of the industry. Tests that can be fulfilled with such systems includes tensile, compression, flexural, fatigue, impact, dynamic, torsional and multi-axial loading.

  7. Peel Fixtures
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    Peel fixtures are used in the peel test which is a test that can measure the bonding strength of tape, adhesives and flexible substrates, including rubber, films, biomaterials, dental materials, medical packaging and consumables. Peel fixtures include 90 degree, 180 degree, T-Peel, or Floating Roller.

  8. Platens
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    A platen is a flat platform with a variety of roles in printing or manufacturing. It can be a flat metal plate pressed against a medium (such as paper) to cause an impression in letterpress printing. Platen may also refer to a typewriter roller which friction-feeds paper into position below the typebars or print head, it can refer to the glass surface of a copier, or it can refer to the rotating disk used to polish semiconductor wafers.

  9. Pneumatic Fixtures
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    A fixture is used to hold or support a device, often during testing and measuring. For high-volume automated processes, milling fixtures usually involve pneumatic clamps and fixtures. These clamps are good for small test points, with extremely tight tolerances or when high volume applications are required.

  10. Roller Fixtures
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    It is important to select a high quality of test fixtures that will not impact the results of any testing. Roller fixtures form part of the authorised testing equipment that does not influence results. Roller fixtures are credited with being self-closing and self-adjusting.

  11. Rope Fixtures
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    Rope fixtures are used when testing physical devices rather than electronics or software. They most commonly refer to a rope grip, which holds an item or device in place when testing. It’s important that fixtures are high quality so that they do not influence the results of the test.

  12. Scissor Fixtures
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    Scissor fixtures are used to hold, position or clamp equipment when it is being tested. Scissor fixtures grip through spring tension and then tighten themselves during the application of force. It is important to always use high-quality testing fixtures that do not influence the test results.

  13. Spring Testing Systems
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    Spring testing, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, high rate springs, constant force springs, spring test.

  14. Vibration Testing
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    Vibration testing is vital to guarantee an item or product is fit for purpose if located in an extreme environment. It can also be applied to component parts and to ensure that the article is not damaged in transit. Various vibration tests are undertaken to ascertain the endurance of your goods depending on their journey & final location.

  15. Vise Action Fixtures
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    When performing tests on items and devices, it’s important to have quality tools to clamp, position or hold an item. Vise action fixtures are once such piece of equipment that can form part of a testing procedure without interfering or influencing test results.

  16. Wedge Action Fixtures
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    The most common type of wedge action fixture is a wedge action grip and they are used in industries of research and development, laboratory, quality, and production. Wedge action grips are optimum for testing because they have a strong clamp force that allows for accurate testing without influencing or impacting testing results.

  17. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.