Metrology Equipment

Metrology is the science of measurement and includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement. Due to the encompassing nature of this field, the equipment needed is vast, however, it’s specially designed to lend itself perfectly to the measuring process without influencing test results Metrology Equipment includes (but it is not limited to) Calipers, CMM fixtures, depth gauges, height gauges, Outside micrometers, thickness gauges, Video measuring machines, profile projectors, measuring microscopes, 3D Laser scanners, laser profile scanners, 3D digitizers, flaw detectors, ultrasonic inspection devices, X-ray inspection machine, Extensometers, hardness testers, Moisture analysers, moisture meters, Anechoic chambers, faraday cages, EMC/EMI test cells, load banks, testing rigs. Metrology equipment is used by those in the field of metrology.

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  1. CMM Fixtures
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    CMM fixtures are for modifying CMM machines, which are machine used by those in the field of aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial and medical applications. They consist of either spare parts, or parts which can be added to CMM machines for extra functionality. CMM fixtures include clamping kits and base components.

  2. CMM Probes
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    Over time your CMM probe can become damaged, worn out or in need of recalibration and it’s important that when this happens, that you replace the probe immediately. Thankfully, CMM probes are available to purchase separately as and when they are needed.

  3. Coordinate Measuring Machines
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    A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. It is generally composed of a probing system, data collection and reduction system, and the main structure (or body). CMM machines are widely used in fields of aerospace, automotive, and electronics.

  4. Digital Measurement Microscopes
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    Digital measuring microscopes are similar to traditional microscopes, in that that allow for the examination and measuring of samples. However, the optics in a digital measuring microscope are specifically designed for a monitoring meaning that varies people can examine the specimen at once.

  5. Electronic Gauging Systems
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    Electronic gauging systems are devices or instrument for measuring, registering measurements, or testing something, especially for measuring a dimension, quantity, or mechanical accuracy. Often called digital gauging systems, electronic gauging systems are also used to strength tests of various materials such as metal, resin materials, and wood.

  6. Gauging Systems
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    Gauging system can be classified into four categories, analogue instrument meter, digital instrument meter, digital instrument meter and analogue instrument meter. They are used by for measuring, registering and testing and can be used to test the strength of metal, resin materials, and wood.

  7. In-process Gauging Systems
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    In process, gauging systems allow for automated inspection during the production process. They are remove the needed for human and are, therefore, said to have a very low error rate. Common in process gauging systems involve robotics, via a laser, that can move around various complex parts at once.

  8. Interferometers
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    Interferometers are tools used in all fields of interferometry, which is science where waves are used to extract information. They are used in the field of quality to gather data and return information on small displacements, refractive index changes, and surface irregularities.

  9. Linear Encoders
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    Laser encoders are metrological machines which used a laser to obtain information from a specimen concerning measurements, surface, structure, and motion. They are used in the fields of aerospace, metrology, automotive, electronics, industrial and medical applications to determine a level of quality.

  10. Metrology Software
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    Metrology software is usually for a computer that can be connected to metrology tools, where the software assists in measuring, constructing, tolerance or report. There are bountiful software options, all developed to fulfil the needs of various industries including aerospace, metrology, automotive, electronics, industrial or medical applications.

  11. Modular Fixtures
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    Modular fixtures are totally different from dedicated fixture because they are created from many interchangeable parts which means they lend themselves to many different applications and processes. Because modular fixtures are so versatile they are extremely cost and time efficient.

  12. Moisture Measurement Devices
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    Moisture measurement devices can be used to measure moisture content in various different environments. This include measuring moisture in the air (humidity), materials (like wood and concrete), agriculture products and biomass (like straw, hay, grain, pellets, and corn) and solid waste (such as pulp and slurry).

  13. Non-contact Laser Gauging
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    When measuring, registering measurements, or testing something there is always the risk that the item might be damaged or move during the testing process. This is why non-contact methods, like non-contact laser gauging systems, are becoming an industry standard. They allow for the testing of materials such as metal, resin materials, and wood, by laser, without any contact.

  14. Optical Linear Encoders
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    Optical linear encoders are the most common type of optical linear encoder because they are hugely accurate. They are usually split into two fields - incremental and absolute. They are widely used in the fields of aerospace, metrology, automotive, electronics, industrial or medical applications.

  15. X Ray Tomography Systems
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    X Ray Tomography Systems use x-rays to create a cross section of an object, allowing the X-ray images to be used to recreate a 3D model without damaging the original. X Ray Tomography Systems also assist in flaw detection, failure analysis, metrology, assembly analysis, image-based finite element method and reverse engineering applications.

  16. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.