Depth Gauges

Depth Gauges are used to measure the depth measurements of openings, grooves, and recesses. Common depth gauges are Vernier and Dial Depth Gauges and Digimatic/Dial Indicator types. The most common calibrations are 0 to 200 or 320 mm, as well as calibrations of 0.05 mm. Micrometric depth gauges have a measurement range of up to 150 mm with calibrations of 0.01 mm and indicator depth gauges, with measurements ranging from 100 mm and calibrations of 0.01 mm. Other universally used depth measurements range from 0 to 500 mm, with calibrations of 0.1 mm. Depth gauges are used by used by those in the fields of mechanical engineering, metalworking, forestry, woodworking, science, and medicine.

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