Inside Micrometers

An inside micrometer is a micrometer that is specifically developed to measure with greater accuracy. So-called ‘inside’ because it can measure inside – for example, while a micrometer can measure the outside diameter of a bolt, an insider micrometer can measure the inside diameter. The most common inside micrometers are tubular and caliper-type micrometers. A tubular micrometer has a cylindrical tube that can be placed insider the diameter of a hole to determine diameter. Once inside the hole, the micrometer has a way to adjust it so it sits tightly again the diameter. Whereas caliper-type have one stationary and one moveable caliper on a tube, with the ability to move one along the tube to make a measurement. Two industries that use inside micrometers are metalworking and metrology, however, they are used in a wide range of engineering applications.

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