Spill Kits

Spill kits are used to contain and clean up spills of hazardous substances such as oil, chemicals, petrol or bodily fluids. Spill kits can be used to prevent contamination to both land and water. There are a number of different types of spill kits and the type chosen will depend on the type of material being cleaned up, the amount spilt and where it has been spilt. Some spill kits will contain absorbent materials which will be placed on top of the spill to contain and absorb it, others contain socks which are long tube-shaped pieces of absorbent material which are placed around the spill to contain it. Alongside the absorbent material, there can be a drip tray or container used which can be put under any equipment that may leak to catch any spills. For leaks that have occurred in water, spill kits which contain specific absorbent particles are used, these will sit on the surface of the water and absorb the hazardous substance. Spill kits are used by a wide variety of industries such as construction, medical and environmental as well as in settings such as laboratories, factories and public buildings.

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