Laboratory Supplies

A laboratory (commonly called a lab) provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. Laboratory supplies include all the equipment used in this environment. Laboratory equipment is essential to many industries that rely on a lab, including the pharmaceutical, governmental, engineering, food, beverage and chemical. Laboratories are also common in learning spaces like schools, colleagues and universities and even aboard ships and spacecraft.

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  1. Beakers
    - 3 Suppliers 3,893 Products

    Beakers are standard pieces of laboratory glassware and are three basic types: standard, tall-form or flat. They are extremely versatile and are used for a wide range of procedures such as mixing, preparing solutions, decanting as well as titration and crystallisation.

  2. Burettes
    - 1 Supplier 4,669 Products

    Burettes are essential pieces of laboratory equipment and are used to measure out variable quantities of chemical solutions. They are usually made of glass and consist of a body and stopcock. There are a variety of burettes which perform different functions.

  3. Chemicals and Reagents
    - 2 Suppliers 41,028 Products

    There are a wide variety of chemicals and reagents used in any kind of laboratory, whether it is research, industrial or educational. They can be categorised by their properties, their function or their application. Some are highly specialised and only found in specific laboratories.

  4. Laboratory Flasks
    - 2 Suppliers 9,284 Products

    Flasks are vital pieces of laboratory glassware and vary in design and size. Some have more than one neck and others are made of stronger glass. They are used to make, hold or measure samples or chemicals. They are also useful for a wide range of experimental processes such as distillation.

  5. Petri Dishes
    - 3 Suppliers 1,301 Products

    Petri dishes are glass or plastic, shallow, transparent containers with lids. Glass types can be sterilised whilst plastic ones are disposable. In laboratories, they have a number of uses including the preparation of ajar plates for growing cultures, eukaryotic cell culture as well as for plant germination.

  6. Pipettes
    - 2 Suppliers 5,790 Products

    Pipettes are essential laboratory tools made of borosilicate glass or plastic. There are a wide variety of pipettes which are used for transferring or measuring fixed or adjustable volumes of liquid. Some work by creating a partial vacuum using air displacement to draw up the liquid.

  7. Spatulas
    - 2 Suppliers 3,980 Products

    Spatulas are basic implements in any laboratory. Made of metal or plastic, they are extremely versatile and double-ended combinations mean they can be used for a variety of functions such as cutting, mixing, spreading, crushing, transferring and applying compounds, chemicals or drugs.

  8. Stirring Rods
    - 2 Suppliers 246 Products

    Stirring rods are made of borosilicate glass and are similar in appearance to drinking straws. They vary only in length or their ends but are extremely versatile laboratory utensils. They can be used for mixing providing controlled agitation, for decanting or for inducing crystallisation.

  9. Syringes and Needles
    - 2 Suppliers 3,322 Products

    Syringes can be made of plastic or glass and can have a needle incorporated into the device or it can be attached before use. There are various types of syringes whilst needles vary in gauge or length depending on their use. Apart from administering injections, they have a number of laboratory applications.

  10. Test Tube Racks
    - 1 Supplier 1,047 Products

    Test tube racks are available in many sizes, materials, composition and colours. They usually keep tubes in an upright position although they can be slanted for some experiments. They help with ease of transportation and organisation and so are basic pieces of equipment in any laboratory.

  11. Test Tubes
    - 2 Suppliers 1,415 Products

    Test tubes are essential pieces of laboratory equipment and are made of either plastic or glass. They might have a stopper or cap and white glass for easy labelling of samples. They are generally used for the handling and culturing of organisms as well as for storing samples.

  12. Wash Bottles
    - 1 Supplier 1,054 Products

    Wash bottles are essential for the efficient organisation of any laboratory and to prevent any cross contamination. They are easy to dispense with a nozzle and may contain a number of common laboratory solvents or reagents such as deionised water, detergents or bleach.

  13. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 47,819 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.