Industrial Machines and Machine Tools

Industrial machines and machines tools is a generic term which is used to refer to all types of machines and machine tools used in industries. CNC Machine Tools, CNC Milling Machines, Compressors, Drilling Machines, Extruders, Feeders, Grinding Machines, Laser Cutting Machines Lathes, Planing Machines, Punching Machines, Sawing Machines are normally considered the most widely used industrial machines and machine tools. Industrial machines and machine tools are used across a wide range of industries and are essential for some fundamental industrial processes. Most machines use mechanical or electrical power and are almost always motorised. CNC or computer numeric controlled machines have replaced most machines as these allow one to automate various tasks.

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  1. Additive Manufacturing Machines and Accessories
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    Additive Manufacturing Machines and Accessories

  2. Bearing Fitting Tools
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  3. CNC Machine Components and Accessories
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    CNC machine components and accessories are used in the automation of machine tools. Computer numerical control is the process whereby computers execute sequence programmes. Types of CNC machines include mills, lathes, plasma cutters, electric discharge machining and multi-spindle machines. Types of component and accessories include drills, drag knives, sensor kits, composite nails and composite nailers.

  4. CNC Machine Tools
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    CNC machine tools is an acronym for Computer Numeric Control machine tools. As is clear from the name, these machine tools use control based controls and are used for various manufacturing processes such as grinding, cutting, milling etc.

  5. CNC Milling Machines
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    CNC milling machines are considered the most advanced milling machines and offer pinpoint precision and accuracy with the help of computer numeric control systems which can be programmed to perform various milling functions. CNC milling machines often have automatic tool changers, tool magazines, coolant systems and enclosures.

  6. Compressors
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    Compressors are essential to the functioning of a wide range of industrial machines and are used across various industries. Compressors compress the gas which results in reduced volume and creates the required pressure for moving a fluid or gas through a pipe or duct.

  7. Deburring Machines
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    Traditionally the process of deburring was done by hand, but new advancements in machinery now mean that deburring machines like rotary transfer machines, end deburring machines, flexible deburring cells and single-spindle deburring machines can take all the manual labour of this essential post-machining operation.

  8. Dies
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    Dies are used in the manufacturing industry to shape or cut material via the means of a press. They are used by a wide range of industries including engineering, automotive, retail, oil and gas which all develop dies customised to their needs.

  9. Drilling Machines and Accessories
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    Drilling machines are also known as drilling rigs and are used for drilling water wells, oil wells, gas extraction wells in the earth sub surface. In addition to drilling wells, most industrial grade drilling machines can also test rock, coil or groundwater physical properties, sample sub-surface mineral deposits and install sub-surface fabrications.

  10. Extruders
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    Extruders refer to a wide range of manufacturing equipment which are used for manufacturing objects of a fixed cross sectional profile. Extruders are used for manufacturing various metalworks, polymers, ceramics, and food products. Most extruders use hydraulic, electric or mechanical power to function.

  11. Feeders
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    Feeders are mechanical devices used to feed materials to a machine and are used in various industrial processes. Vibrating feeders, volumetric feeders, roller feeders etc. are the most common types of feeders used in various industries such as food processing, automotive, steel, construction, recycling.

  12. Grinding Machines
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    Grinding machines as the name suggests are used for grinding machine tools and other items. Most grinding machines use an abrasive wheel for cutting across metal surface and are used for grinding and sharpening various objects. Bench grinders, belt grinders, cylindrical grinder, surface grinder are few examples of commonly used grinding machines.

  13. Industrial Shredders
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    Industrial Shredders

  14. Laser Cutting Machines
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    Laser cutting machines use high-power lasers for cutting various types of materials. Laser cutting machines use computer numeric control systems which ensures the accuracy and precision throughout the cutting process. High-power laser beams melt, burn or evaporate the material and often leave a smooth finish not possible with other cutting machines.

  15. Lathes and Accessories
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    Lathes are one of the oldest machine tools as they have been in continuous use since antiquity and were even used in ancient Egypt. Indeed, lathes are so important to manufacturing that few machine tools can be made without using a lathe as they are used in woodturning, metalworking, metal spinning and thermal spraying etc.

  16. Machine Press
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    Types of machine presses are categorised by their functions which includes bending, forming, blanking, trimming, piercing and stamping. A machine press is commonly used to create tools and parts made from metal in a wide range of applications including manufacturing, tool making and engineering.

  17. Milling Tools
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    Milling is an important application in the field of manufacturing, and milling tools are widely used in the industries of oil, gas, automotive and engineering. Common milling tools include end mills, vertical mills, bed mills, milling machines, box mills, floor mills, jig borer, gantry mills, sand planner style mill.

  18. Moulds
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    A mould is a hollow-out block which can be filled with liquid (or similar pliable) material like glass, metal or plastic. As the liquid hardens (known as ‘sets’) inside the mould, it adopts its shape and produces a product. Moulding is a common process used in manufacturing.

  19. Planing Machines
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    Planing machines are planers as they are popularly known are used in several industries for cutting material by using a linear motion technique. Linear motion planing machines are the most popular ones, although a small number of industries also use helical motion planers.

  20. Plasma Cutting Machines
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    Plasma cutting is a method that cuts through electrically conductive materials by using an accelerated jet of hot plasma, sounds cool right?. Common materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, Stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper, although other conductive metals may be cut as well to get the job done for you. Plasma cutting has been around and available for several years. For many applications, it remains the most cost-effective process of cutting a range of materials. This is instantly a huge benefit to your company as ensuring you use cost-effective methods is vital.

  21. Punching Machines
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    Punching machines are used for punching holes in soft or hard materials and are also known as punching press or punch press. Punching machines are used across several industries. Besides punching holes in a material, punching machines can also emboss a label, digits and characters on workpieces.

  22. Sawing Machines
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    Sawing machines are used in several industries such as construction, demolition, forestry, medicine, metalmaking, hunting for cutting hard materials. Most sawing machines use single or multiple blades for cutting across a material which is often made up of iron, steel, zinc, copper, brass or diamond.

  23. Surface Blasting Machines
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    A surface blasting machine is a machine used to polish or clean a metal, including the smoothing of a rough surface, or, indeed, the opposite, the roughening of a smooth surface and are mainly found within the engineering industry.

  24. Vibratory Finishing Machines
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    A vibratory finishing machine is a machine designed to carry out the process of vibratory finishing which is a technique to surface improve components manufactured in various materials.

  25. Vices
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    Vices are mechanical devices used for securing and holding a workpiece and can be found in many machines such as grinders, milling machines, drilling machines etc. Vices commonly have two jaws, one fixed and another moveable. The moveable one is threaded in and out by a screw and lever allowing one to adjust the vice per the size of object.

  26. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.