Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment as the name suggests refers to a wide variety of equipment used for lifting heavy materials to a height. Lifting equipment such as chain hoists, lifting jacks, forklift trucks, pallet trucks, block and tackle, vacuum lifts, gantries, A-frame, shear legs, sheerleg, windlasses, fork lifts, hydraulic lifting pads, air lift bags, lifting harnesses and cranes etc. Lifting equipment differs from each other depending on the capacity, power source used, and other important factors. Most industries use one or other sort of lifting equipment for material handling. And lifting equipment can be found even at homes or other workplaces. Car jack used for changing tires is a common example of lifting equipment.

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  1. Chain Hoists
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    Chain hoists or hoists as they are popularly known use chains or ropes often made of metal for lifting heavy and bulky objects to a height. Chain hoists are normally manually, electrically or pneumatically operated and use chain, fibre or rope for lifting objects.

  2. Lifting Jacks
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    Jacks are among the most common and widely used lifting equipment and can be seen everywhere around us. Small capacity jacks with a capacity of one to three tonnes are used for lifting vehicles such as cars or small trucks. Whereas industrial jacks with a capacity to lift 20 tonnes or more are used for industrial purposes.

  3. Slings
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    Slings such as belts or ropes are used for lifting heavy and bulky items and are at the heart of various lifting machines such as tow trucks, cranes etc. Capacity of a sling varies depending on the material used in sling and is often inversely proportional to the height to which an object is raised.

  4. Winches
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    Winches normally consist of a bobbin and crankshaft mechanism and are used in several lifting devices such as tow-trucks, elevators, steam shovels etc. Most industrial winches use a form of gear mechanism and often have solenoid or mechanical brakes stopping sudden unwinding.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.