Packing Machinery

Packing machinery is a generic term used to refer to a wide variety of machines used for packaging materials. They play an important role in the manufacturing process and are used in almost all manufacturing facilities. Packing machines often fulfil only a single stage of the packaging process and several packing machines are used generally for packing a product into a box or a bottle. Most food products which are sold in supermarkets are packed by a variety of packing machines. Filling machines, gluing machines, labelling machines, wrapping machines, sealing machines, are a few commonly used examples of packing machinery.

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  1. Filling Machines
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    Filling machines or fillers as they are popularly known play an important role in the packaging process. Filling machines are used for filling various types of products into bottles or pouches and most food products sold by retailers in packed form are filled in their pouches and bottles by a filler.

  2. Gluing Machines
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    Gluing machines are used in several industries for manufacturing boxes, cartons, tags, albums from paper and cardboard sheets and as such play an important role in any type of packaging process. Most gluing machines use hot or cold glue process and often come with a glue temperature controller.

  3. Labelling Machines
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    Labelling machines as the name suggests are used for applying labels to various product packages during the packaging process and are used in various industries. Labelling machines are often used as part of an automated packaging line which receive a package from another packaging machine, apply the label and pass the package to another machine in the packaging line.

  4. Packing Machines
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    Packing machines is a broad category which includes various machines designed to perform specific functions in the packaging process. Wrapping machines, gluing machines, filling machines, sealing machines, bagging machines are few examples of packing machines used across several industries.

  5. Sealing Machines
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    Sealing machines are used for packaging food items and other products in several industries. Sealing machines use a plastic toll, metal foil, paper or fibre which is converted into small bags which are then filled with the product and sealed by sealing machine thus completing the packaging process.

  6. Wrapping Machines
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    Wrapping machines as a generic term refers to a wide variety of machines used for wrapping plastic films, bands, metal and aluminium foils around a product. Wrapping machines can differ greatly from each other as several different technologies and wrapping methods are used in various industries.

  7. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.