Robots, Parts and Accessories

Robots and robot parts and accessories refers to a wide range of items such as industrial robots, robotics software, enclosures and controllers which are used across several industries for performing various functions. Robots are being used for various types of industrial processes and the demand for industrial robots is rising at a rapid pace across the globe. With the increased use of industrial robots, it’s natural that parts and accessories related to them will also see increased demand. Robots and their associated parts and accessories are quite sophisticated pieces of electronic machines as they use both software and hardware for performing their functions.

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  1. Controllers
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    Robot controllers as the name suggests are devices and software used for controlling various functions of an industrial robot. Robot controllers are essential for connecting robot to external hardware and are used for increasing the functionality of an industrial robot.

  2. Enclosures for Robotics
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    Robot enclosures reduce the risk posed to humans by robots performing industrial tasks. Robots can pose serious risks to humans in the vicinity as they are often used for performing complex and dangerous functions. Enclosures often made of metals such as Aluminium and Steel help in reducing the risk to humans working in proximity to robots.

  3. Industrial Robots
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    Industrial robots as the prefix “Industrial” suggests are robots specialized for performing various types of industrial tasks and are used in several industries such as automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, fabrication plants etc. Industrial robots can perform many tasks such as welding, palletizing, packaging, assembling etc.

  4. Robotics Software
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    Robotics software is a specialized computer program designed to control functions of a robot and no industrial or non-industrial robot can function without a robotics software. Robotics software contains the coded commands which tell a robot to perform specific functions.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.