Ceramic materials are used in a wide variety of applications today that were once considered impossible. Ceramics is usually referred to as technical ceramics, industrial ceramics or engineering ceramics. Ceramics are highly favoured because they have good wear resistance, are flexible, strong, allow for thermal expansion and wear and tear, and have high corrosion and chemical resistance. Types of ceramics include oxide ceramics, ilicate ceramics, piezoceramics, non-oxide ceramics, aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, aluminium, clay ceramics and dispersion ceramics. Ceramics are used by the following industries to create general equipment in the vehicle and automotive industry, electronics, energy and environment, medical technology and mechanical engineering.

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  1. Clay Ceramics
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    Clay ceramics are used in wide variety of functions including brick and cement making, sanitary ware, tiling, pet waste and paper. The most common types of clay ceramics include common clay, kaolin, bentonite, ball clay, fuller’s earth and fire clay.

  2. Technical Ceramics
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    Technical ceramics can be classified into oxides, monoxides and composite materials. They are widely used in industries of aerospace, photovoltaic, thermal processing, medical, electronics, automotive, defence, security, industrial equipment, domestic products, power generation and distribution.

  3. Other
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