Fine Chemicals

Fine chemicals are an important part of the chemical industry, they are defined as single, complex, pure chemical substances and are produced in smaller quantities than batch chemicals. Fine Chemicals fall into 2 main categories; Exclusives, which are produced by custom manufacturing and targeted to specific products and secondly, Standard or catalogue products. Fine chemicals are the starting materials, or building blocks for speciality chemicals and mainly used by the life science industries. Primary pharmaceutical companies are the biggest consumers of primary chemicals, but they are also used in the food, feed and agrochemical industries. Fine chemicals are used in other speciality industries too, including Biocides, Animal Health, Adhesives and Sealants, Electronic Chemicals, Flavours and Fragrances and more.

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  1. Catalysts
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    A catalyst provides the activation energy required to speed up the rate of a chemical reaction. Heterogeneous catalysts are most commonly used in industry and include Nickel which makes synthesis gases and Iron, used in the making of Ammonia. Catalysts are important to the chemical industry because if reactions are speeded up this ultimately reduces costs.

  2. Pharmaceutical Ingredients
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    Pharmaceutical ingredients are categorised into two component groups: The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and the Excipients. The active ingredient of a pharmaceutical drug produces its effect and the excipient are the substances which help deliver the drug to your system.

  3. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.