Pharmaceutical Ingredients

There are two main ingredients in pharmaceutical products, the Active pharmaceutical ingredients which are the active chemical component or the central ingredient, which produces the desired effect on the body in the finished product. The second ingredient is the Excipient, which is the substance inside the tablet or drug. In liquids, for example, this will be the syrup used, thus excipients are the inactive part of the drug. There are hundreds if not thousands of Active pharmaceutical ingredients used in the production of drugs including Acyclovir, Bleomycin and Candesartan. There are many materials used in Excipients depending on the application, including binders, colours, disintegrants, glidants, lubricants and much more. Pharmaceutical Ingredients are used in the manufacture of drugs, manufacturers are required to keep to a certain standard when producing drugs so it's essential to source ingredients from reputable suppliers to ensure the highest quality products.

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