Speciality Chemicals

Speciality chemicals are chemical products which provide a wide variety of effects depending on the industry in which they are used. They are usually manufactured in chemical plants and sold by the batch and each chemical fulfils a particular. Speciality Chemicals are widely used by industrial sectors such as automobile, aerospace, food, cosmetics, agriculture, manufacturing, and textile industries. Products produced include dyestuffs, paints, explosives, adhesives, flavours and fragrances and photographic chemicals.

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  1. Adhesives and Sealants
    - 29 Suppliers 2,215 Products

    Adhesives and sealants have vast domestic and industrial applications in the manufacturing, medical, automotive and construction section.

  2. Catalysts and Enzymes
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    A catalyst increases the rate of chemical reactions; one such catalyst is an enzyme. With a catalyst, reactions occur faster because they require less activation energy. Catalysts and enzymes are used in a variety of industries included biofuel industry, biological detergent, brewing industry, culinary and dairy industry.

  3. Cosmetics
    - 2 Suppliers 21 Products

    Cosmetics are commonly referred to as make-up, and refer to products used to enhance appearance or fragrance through application to the body, face, nails or hair. Cosmetics are widely used domestically by both women and men. They are also used by industry professionals including beauticians, make-up artists and stylists.

  4. Dessicants
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness in its placed area; it is the opposite of a humectant. Commonly encountered pre-packaged desiccants are solids that absorb water. Desiccants for specialised purposes may be in forms other than solid, and may work through other principles, such as chemical bonding of water molecules. They are commonly encountered in foods to retain crispness. Industrially, desiccants are widely used to control the level of water in gas streams.

  5. Dyes and Pigments
    - 2 Suppliers 12 Products

    Dyes and pigments are divided into natural and synthetic and are substances that have an affinity to the substrate to which it is being applied. Both dyes and pigments are coloured because they absorb some wavelengths of light more than others.

  6. Fertilisers
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    Fertilisers enhance the growth of plants by providing nutrients and enhancing the effectiveness of the nutrients. They are commonly used in agriculture and farming and are also used domestically in gardens. Fertilisers are split into three categories; nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium but organic fertilisers are also widely used.

  7. Fillers
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    Fillers are used to repair or fill gaps in materials and buildings. Varying types of fillers are available to be used on different materials such as wood, glass and metal to match the look of the material and remain durable throughout use.

  8. Flavourings
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Flavourings are used in the food and drink industry to enhance the sensory experience of eating (foods like meats and vegetables) or to create new flavours for products. Flavourings work by enhancing the umami, and do this by evoking both taste and smell.

  9. Fragrances
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Fragrances are used to give a pleasant smell to the home, humans, animals, fabrics, and objects. They are present in washing softeners, cleaning products but are most commonly evident in perfume and aftershaves for women. They are derived from plants or animals, but can also be synthetic in nature.

  10. Herbicides
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    Herbicides, also commonly known as weedkillers, are chemical substances used to control unwanted plants. Selective herbicides control specific weed species, while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed, while non-selective herbicides which are sometimes called total weedkillers in commercial products can be used to clear waste ground, industrial and construction sites, railways and railway embankments as they kill all plant material with which they come into contact.

  11. Industrial Cleaning Chemicals
    - 14 Suppliers 241 Products

    Industrial cleaning chemicals are used in health, beauty, cleaning, removing offensive odour, and in avoiding the spread of dirt and contaminants. They are usually in the form of liquids, powders, sprays, or granules and divided into water solutions that are water solutions that are acidic, alkaline, or neutral.

  12. Industrial Paints
    - 3 Suppliers 319 Products

    Industrial paints are heavy-duty paints which provide a performance coating. Industrial paints are heavy-duty paints which are used in a wide range of applications that require specialised chemical formulas, anti-slip solutions, anti-bacterial, and fire retardant or waterproof properties.

  13. Insecticides
    - 0 Suppliers 2 Products

    Insecticides can be categorised into natural, inorganic and organic and are classified into ‘mode of actions’ depending on the purpose. They are used to kill insects including ovicides and larvicides by those who work in agriculture, medicine, and also used by consumers.

  14. Lubricants
    - 19 Suppliers 383 Products

    Lubricants reduce friction between two surfaces and are used in cooking, baking, bio-medical applications on humans, ultrasound examinations, medical examinations and in personal lubricants for sexual purposes. They work by keeping parts moving and reducing frication, whilst offering benefits of transferring heat and preventing corrosion.

  15. Pesticides
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    Pesticides are used in farming, agriculture and also domestically in gardens to attracting, seducing, and destroy pests or any other damaging influences (like weeds or fungi). Due to pesticides potential toxicity to humans (and other species) they are regulated by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

  16. Pharmaceuticals
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Pharmaceuticals are drugs or medicines prescribed by doctors, hospitals, dentists and, sometimes, pharmacists. They include drugs for digestive system, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, for pain, muscular-skeletal disorders, for the eye, ear, nose and oropharynx, endocrine problems, the respiratory system, reproductive system or urinary system, for contraception, obstetrics and gynaecology, skin, infection, immune system, for nutrition, allergic disorders, and for euthanasia.

  17. Solvents
    - 1 Supplier 41 Products

    Solvents are substances that dissolve a solute like liquid, gas or solid and are commonly used in dry-cleaning, paint thinners, nail polish removers, glue solvents, spot removes, perfumes and detergents. Common solvents include tetrachloroethylene, toluene, turpentine, acetone, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, hexane, petrol ether, citrus terpenes and ethanol.

  18. Surfactants
    - 1 Supplier 2 Products

    Surfactants are compounded found in detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, foaming agents, paints, inks, anti-fogs, shampoos, ski waxes, cosmetics, dishwasher tablets, cosmetics, fabric softener, and dispersants. Their purpose if to work to lower the surface tension between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid.

  19. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 641 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.