Bulk Bins

Bulk bins provide storage for dry products like feed, grain, powder, wood pellets, mineral salts and fertilisers, as well as milk. They are the perfect solution for feed for farm animals, since they have easy release valves and are also easy to open and fill. But what’s the real selling point of a bulk bin? The potential to get your costs down in the most effective way possible – by taking deliveries of bulk product. As the cost of feed rises, and you get charged more per bag, per sac the bulk bin provides you with a long term solution to ever increasing prices. On top of this, you reduce waste with no bag to depose of and your manual labour is reduced. Not only this, but food is kept in the best possible storage conditions ensuring it lasts longer whilst being elevated off the grounds ensures that works in the best possible way in terms of storage. In agriculture, bulk bins are also commonly referred to as Silos and come in a range of sizes from 4.7tonnes to 7.5 tonnes. While the bulk bin is traditionally used to feed animals, it’s making an appearance in health and food shops which allow consumers to measure their own amount of dry product (like nuts).

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