Lifting equipment is also known as lifting gear and defines all equipment that someone might need personally or professionally to lift loads of any size, shape and weight. Such equipment falls into two categories, that which is purely manual and that which is partially or fully automatic. The term encompasses all equipment that can be used to lift loads and includes jacks, block and tackle, gin poles, vacuum lifts, hoists, air lift bags, crane, rotating screws, gantries, A frames, shear legs, sheerleg, windlasses, lifting harnesses, fork lifts, and hydraulic lifting pads. Lifting equipment is used from a whole range of industries, including include aerospace, agricultural, automotive, construction, transport, shipping and freight.

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  1. Beam Clamps Trolleys
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    When you need a heavy load transported from one location in-house to another, a Beam clamp trolley can help by lifting the weight and allowing you to move it with just one push (alternative electric beam clam trolleys are also available). It’s this ease of use, when it comes to handling heavy machinery, that makes the beam clamp trolley so heavily featured in warehouses and garages.

  2. Chain Slings
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    Chain slings are used for lifting and come in a range of different options, depending on the bulkiness and weight of the load. You can purchase one with one hook and chain options or buy one with four which allows for much heavier weights and more even weight distribution. Chain slings are found in most garages and manufacturing units.

  3. Cranes
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    Cranes are used to lift and lower materials, as well as moving and transporting them from one place to another. They come in a range of size that suits both their purpose and industry and can be found floating on the ocean building oil-rigs and at constructions sites, building the highest towers.

  4. Electric Hoists
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    Hoists are defined as any machine that is used to lift heavy materials and are essential to many industries including construction and even space (having famously been used by NASA). Hoists can be both manual and electric, with electric being the most popular hoist system.

  5. Eyebolts
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    The most common eyebolt is the one you secure to the painting to thread string through and hang, however the right model of eyebolt is also capable of holding up to 200 tonnes. Uses for lifting and hoisting, the eyebolt forms a key part of the construction and manufacturing industry.

  6. Forklift Attachments
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    Forklifts are specifically for lifting and transporting heavy loads and materials and they have a range of attachments specifically to help with each of these processes, depending on the type of load (shape, bulkiness, weight). Each attachment is easy to attach and remove, and helps in the transportation process.

  7. Forklift Trucks
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    Forklifts are specifically for lifting and transporting heavy loads and materials. They come in a vast range of sizes and models based on the lifting requirement of the forklift (which is measured in accordance to the forklift’s centre of gravity). Forklifts are used in all industries that require lifting, loading, transporting or offloading.

  8. Hydraulic Lifting Equipment
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    Hydraulic equipment uses the science of hydraulics to make lifting easier, meaning that heavy loads (like automotive) can be lifted with ease. The most common form of hydraulic lifting equipment is a jack, often used in garages to lift cars to change tyres and to examine the chassis.

  9. Jib Cranes
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    A Jib Crane is a crane that lifts small to medium loads both indoors and outdoors. It’s a crane that is popular in the automotive and railway industries thanks to the fact that is can also be used outside, in the form known as Pillar Jib Version.

  10. Lashing Equipment
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    When goods are in transit they are susceptible to sliding and, therefore, damage. With lashing equipment cargo can be extra secure when being transported. Lashing equipment is available to protect cargo travelling by sea and even cars that are transported on a transporter.

  11. Lifting Gantries
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    A lifting gantry is a crane that is built atop a gantry. Not all lifting gantries are equal in terms of size since some lifting gantries are enormous cranes able to lift the heaviest loads in the world, while others are built specifically to lift out car engines. Many industries that rely on lifting heavy components rely on a lifting gantry or gantry crane to do so.

  12. Lifting Magnets
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    A lifting magnet offers a way to lift heavy iron objects like scrap iron and steel. With this lifting magnet the power source can be turned on and off, causing the object to drop down as and when required. Lifting magnets offer of advantages, in any lifting situation, since they are much quicker than methods that require hooking – simply lift and go.

  13. Lifting Tables
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    A lift table is a device that uses a scissors mechanism to raise or lower goods and/or people. Typically lift tables are used to raise large, heavy loads through relatively small distances. Common applications include pallet handling, vehicle loading and work positioning. Lift tables are a recommended way to help reduce incidents of musculoskeletal disorders by correctly re-positioning work at a suitable height for operators.

  14. Manual Hoists
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    A hoist need not always require eclectic power, often everyday handling and lifting tasks can be done manually. With a manual hoist your pulling power is amplified and capable of lifting up to 10 tones without any injury or back strain. Manual hoists are portable and suitable for a variety of maintenance, construction, and material handling tasks.

  15. Ratchet Lever Hoists
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    Ratchet lever hoists are portable and versatile, providing extra muscle for lifting, pulling, stretching, dragging, positioning and securing. The ratchet allows for continuous linear motion in only one direction while preventing motion in the opposite direction, like a brake which means the load cannot fall if the chain is let go.

  16. Rigging Screws
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    Rigging screws are used for adding tension on a wire line or rope. They are universally employed in lots of activities, from gardening, construction to sailing. Rigging screws range in mass from ten grams to thousands of kilograms for those needed in construction.

  17. Shackles
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    The most common form of shackles is a padlock, although it’s also used as a way to reference handcuffs. However, the majority of the world’s shackles actually work to connect all manner of rigging systems, from boats and ships to industrial crane lifting.

  18. Swivel Clips
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    A swivel clip offers a way to connect a clip and a loop, like those in dog leads, keyrings, and handbags, luggage and backpacks. There are swivel clips in a wide variety of finishes and colours to suit each application including silver, antique brass, and nickel.

  19. Vacuum Lifters
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    Vacuum lifts have revolutionized the lifting industry because they can lift almost any size, weight or material. Available in electrical, self-powered mechanical, compressed air and battery powered, the Vacuum lift is ideal for distribution centres and logistic hubs, as well as manufacturing and mechanical processing centres.

  20. Web and Round Slings
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    Web and round slings are used to lift heavy loads. Webbing slings are the most popular type of sling, with a wide bearing surface to minimise shock loading problems. Round slings are used in heavier applications where the load exceeds 6 tonnes. Lifting slings are used in a range of industrial applications including construction, transport, boat handling and logging.

  21. Wire Rope Grips
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    Wire rope grips are for anchoring, lifting and raising. They are durable and perform regardless of the condition of the wire, whether it is greased, dirty, wet or even tarred or plated. It’s this hard-working durability and performance that makes wire rope grips the go-to for the marina industry.

  22. Wire Rope Slings
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    Wire rope slings are there when something needs lifted, moved or secured. Once the industrial lifting sling of choice, the wire rope sling (also known as the wire rope cable) is still commonplace today in industries like Oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, and mining.

  23. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.