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  1. Greeting card packings

    Maropack GmbH & Co. KG Folienverarbeitung

    Greeting card packings manufactured by Maropack GmbH & Co. KG Folienverarbeitung.

    Flat films, semi-tubular films, flap bags of plastics, header bags, and so on - maropack has been manufacturing high-quality, highly transparent flat bags, header bags, bottom-fold bags, semi-tubular films, foil reels and much more for more than 45 years. Customers can benefit from our extensive experience in highly transparent sales packaging. Thereby, they can make use of optimal foils or bags made of OPP and CPP and place themselves at an advantage over their competitors. More than 30 employees contribute their detailed know-how into every single bag and every foil reel day-to-day. The result is an excellent quality of flat films, semi-tubular films, bags, card jackets and banderoles. The permanent modernisation of the machinery and the constant optimisation of the production processes guarantee an equally high quality standard of maropack products.

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