Racking and Shelving

Racks and shelves are flat horizontal plane which are used to hold items or products which are displayed, stored, or offered for sale. Racking and shelving solutions also include counters, ledges and mantels. Shelves and racks are usually made of strong materials such as wood bamboo or steel, although many shelves are designed to hold lighter-weight objects and are usually made of glass or plastic. Shelves can be free standing or attached to the wall, with free standing shelves coming with support in the form of floor flanges. Racks and shelves are commonly designed for use in warehouses, home, restaurants, food and drink stores, apparel stores, shipping containers and other businesses.

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  1. Archive Shelving
    - 0 Suppliers 4 Products

    Archive shelving is used to store documents, reports and boxes for industries like schools, hospitals, law enforcement, accountants and similar industries. Archive shelving is available in three categories: light, medium and heavy-duty depending on the weight the shelves will hold.

  2. Cantilever Racking
    - 4 Suppliers 33 Products

    Cantilever racking can be both fixed or mobile, depending on whether it is used full time or needed just for short term use (in which case it can easily be collapsed and store away). Cantilever racking is often used in warehouses, particularly warehousing for lumber yards, woodworking shops, and plumbing.

  3. Carpet Racking
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    Carpet shelving makes carpet handling, storage and selling simpler thanks to storage solutions that utilise space efficiently, hold heavy weights, fit a range of different diameter rolls and are fully configurable. Thanks to the design of carpet shelving, carpets are easily manoeuvrable manually or via a fork-lift.

  4. Longspan Shelving
    - 2 Suppliers 90 Products

    Longspan shelving is used for the practical storage of items that can be stacked and removed by hand. They are commonly used in warehouses, factories, workshops, supermarkets and large stockrooms. Essentially, the shelves work to create a long interrupted line of storage, thus making them efficient space solutions.

  5. Mezzanine Floors
    - 3 Suppliers 11 Products

    Mezzanine floors, warehouse storage, bulk storage, raise aisle, two-tier storage, floor over shelving system, warehouse racking, warehouse storage.

  6. Mobile Storage Systems
    - 1 Supplier 29 Products

    Mobile storage systems are portable storage solutions which take up less space than fixed equipment. Types of mobile storage systems include drawers, storage chests, cubby boxes, and low-level shelving. Mobile storage systems can also include various types of mobile racking solutions.

  7. Pallet Racking
    - 8 Suppliers 37 Products

    Pallet racking is the storing of materials on pallets, done on a pallet rack. There are three categories of pallets rack, which include; roll formed, or clip-in configuration, and structural bolt-together configuration. Pallet racking is widely used in many warehouses that cater to a wide variety of industries.

  8. Pull Out Racking
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    Pull out racking is a shelving solution used to hold inventory in a way that maximises space but also increase accessibility. Specifically created to hold light to heavy loads, pull out racking is compact and can be specifically created for purpose and space making it the go-to solution for storage which makes all inventory readily accessible at any time.

  9. Reel Racking
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    Reel racking systems are used to store axels or spools, like wire, ropes, hoses, string, and chains. This system allows for the product to stay on the axels and not risk being tangled. It also allows for the access of each spool and the smooth flow of all product.

  10. Sheet Racking
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    Sheet racking systems offer the benefit of storing sheets (like wood and chipboard) vertically, meaning each sheet can be easily identified and accessed. Sheet racking is ideal for woodwork shops, DIY stores and are also used in the construction industry.

  11. Tyre and Wheel Racks
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    Tyre and wheel racks are popular in garages to store tyres and wheels efficiently and in such a way that each individual tyre and wheel is easily accessible. They are design to hold the weight of tyres/wheels and allow for easy transfer of the tyre/wheel from the rack.

  12. Vertical Storage Racks
    - 3 Suppliers 25 Products

    Vertical storage solutions provide a flexible solution for automated storage and retrieval of goods. The fully adjustable, modular design provides a unique storage solution that’s tailored to individual business needs. They are useful for storing components and spare parts, as well as being an efficient tool for order picking and stock control.

  13. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.