A bearing is essentially a device that enables movement to occur (either linear or rotational), whilst reducing friction. Bearings are designed to handle and bear stress at the same time. As bearings resemble wheels, they create a rolling motion that greatly reduces the friction caused between the surface of the bearing itself and the surface it is rolling over. Either with linear or rotary movement, as bearings reduce friction, they increase efficiency and speed. Bearings come in a variety of shapes, sizes and different types. Plain bearings vary on the type of motion that the bearing is intended to provide. A journal bearing features a shaft rotating and is the most commonly found type of plain bearing. A linear bearing literally provides linear motion, whilst thrust bearings are those designed to bear forces. The wide number of uses bearings have and the different types of motion they create means that bearings can be found in a vast range of different applications – from the runners of drawers in home furniture to various home and office appliances, and the aerospace and automotive industries.

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  1. Adaptor Sleeves
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    Bearing adaptor sleeves are used to secure bearings with a tapered bore onto cylindrical shaft seats. They can be used in several industries including but not limited to agriculture, mining and general engineering. Adapter Sleeves are the more popular choice of sleeve as they enable bearings to be mounted on smooth shafts, they are easier to mount in comparison to a Withdrawal Sleeve and require no additional location on the shaft. Adapter Sleeves, which are supplied with a lock nut and locking washer, have a slotted design and an external taper.

  2. Ball Bearings
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    Ball bearings are used extensively in applications that feature moving components, both domestic and industrial. The balls used in ball bearings rotate between races to greatly reduce friction. Ball bearings can support both radial and axial loads.

  3. Component Bearings
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    Component bearings are machine parts that works to constrain motion to a required motion and also limit friction between moving parts. They are used in a wide a range of applications including dental drills, aerospace bearings, gearboxes, wheel bearings in vehicles, flexure bearings housed in optical alignment systems, and bike wheel hubs.

  4. Composite Bearings
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    Composite bearings are used in a wide range of industries, in a wide range of parts including automotive in steering yokes, belt tensioners, door hingers, and seat mechanisms. They work to sustain separation or control friction between two moving parts.

  5. High Performance Bearings
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    High-performance bearings are specifically designed to comply with high-performance requirements and are used in high-performance vehicles like sports cars and racing cars to allow for a free linear movement of moving parts or prevent motion by controlling the forces that bar on the moving parts.

  6. Journal Bearings
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    Journal bearings, also known as plain bearings, are components that feature a rotating shaft, called a journal, operating in a metal shell. Journal bearings are available in dry and semi-lubricated versions. Journal bearings are suitable to handle radial and axial loads and are best suited to low-load and low-speed applications.

  7. Linear Bearings
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    Linear bearings are components that enable free motion in one direction. They are also known as linear slides and linear-motion bearings. They can be used in motorized applications as well as non-motorized systems – anything that produces linear motion.

  8. Maintenance-Free Bearings
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    Maintenance-free bearings are spherical bearings that are used in applications that require long bearing life without maintenance or lubrication. Their special construction ensures very low friction and no maintenance which makes them popular in applications that are outdoors, involve heavy or constant directional loads.

  9. Needle Bearings
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    Needle bearings – or needle roller bearings – are roller bearings with a ratio of length and diameter of up to 0.4. Needle bearings greatly reduce friction of rotating surfaces. Different types of needle bearings include radial needle bearings and thrust needle bearings. The greatest radial load capacity comes from full complement needle bearings. Needle bearings are most commonly used in automotive parts.

  10. Oil-Less Bearings
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    Oil-less bearings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and materials. Oil-less bearings can be made from metal and non-metal substances. Oil-less bearings are able to cope with extreme temperatures, both high and low, and are suitable for use in corrosive environments.

  11. Roller Bearings
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    Roller bearings come in various different types, but the general principle is that by using a cylindrical design they are able to withstand a higher load than ball bearings. Tapered roller bearings are able to handle axial and radial loads. Different types of roller bearings are most use in automotive applications.

  12. Self-Aligning Bearings
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    Self-aligning bearings are used in applications requiring high rotating speeds or which are subject to heavy stress loads, such as in chemistry pumps and agricultural machinery. Common types of self-aligning bearings include basic design bearings, bearings with an extended inner ring and sealed bearings.

  13. Self-Lubricating Bearings
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    Self-lubricating bearings are spherical bearings that are used in applications that require long bearing life without maintenance or lubrication. Their special construction ensures very low friction and no maintenance which makes them popular in applications that are outdoors, involve heavy or constant directional loads.

  14. Spherical Bearings
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    Spherical bearings are capable of a greater longevity operating in extreme conditions than both conventional ball bearings and roller bearings. Needing only minimal lubrication, spherical bearings are adjustable to cope with misaligned loads. Suitable for all applications where rotational movement changes the axis rotation alignment, spherical bearings have many domestic and industrial uses.

  15. Thrust Bearings
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    Like any rotary bearing, thrust bearings allow rotational movement. However, the primary function of a thrust bearing is to bear axial loads. Various types of thrust bearing exist. Ball thrust bearings are useful when the radial load is small. Cylindrical thrust roller bearings have impressive load capacity and tapered versions are the type most widely used in the automotive industry.

  16. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.